For Sale ... oppss SOLD OUT

Sorry pictures quality kinda bad because I was using my internal camera. All these photos are a self-taken photo snapped by iphone and edited using Instagram filter.

Tajuk macam giler kan? Heee. Actually I wanted to publish few photos of myself cam whoring with Nilam scarves from Nilam On the Go series. Originally the scarves were available for sale, but all are sold out as I type this. I’d tweeted all these pictures on twitter few days back and one of the scarves being grabbed on the spot and another one a day later, so sorry if lately my blog follower is no longer being the first to read all fresh updates from me. Don’t get me wrong. I love blog..still. It just that twitter is way much faster and easier. No one can deny that. If you haven’t try twitter , then I think you should now and don’t forget to add/follow me @ladyimran @nilamboutique and @loniafairy . Heee. Yer saya ada 3 account twitter :D Gila kuasa kan? Yeerrrrr benerrr

Going retro? Black chiffon shawl with white polkadot and white curls. Inner is a snood type in black also. I tied the scarf at the back and bring it to front and lock it with simple knot like a bow.

So, these are two scarves that I’ve mentioned. So sorry both has been taken [but it is possible to restock, hope the fabric is still available]. I just wanna show it here so that you guys can see some of my Nilam collections and be alert for new batch of scarves , dresses and many more. Stocks are pretty limited, yeah like seriously. For upcoming scarves, if I’ve not mistaken there are only 1 or 2 pieces available for each design and colors. So, freak out bebeh :D [yeah I know gimmic lebey, but hey am no lying here ^-^ , stock is really limited because I prefer to make my product in small quantities]

The same scarf that Nilam’s Amidala wore for the photo shoot the other day. White crumple chiffon like material with transparent sequins. Inner is a snood type in dark brown. I tied the scarf with a simple knot on left and right to resemble real “hair” . If the shawl is black, it would looks more real I guess ;)

Apa-apa pon sorry pagi2 hari Isnin dah kene tengok muka saya cam whore. Cak! Selamat Hari Isnin! Jgn bermuram durja ok and Selamat Bekerja!

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