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Well well well…alhamdullilah am quite satisfied with Nilam Boutique progress. Praise to God who makes all these good things happened to me. I feel so blessed and thankful to our creator. After few bumps at the beginning, I would say everything is on a good track and making an impressive progress.

Ok now, what are the progress am saying here? There are a few, the first one is am restocking Nilam Neck Cover Inner! Yay! Since there are lot of demand to restock the Neck Cover Inner, so be happy that new stocks are available now. But, they are selling too fast just like hot banana frittersĀ  (oh i love saying this..hihi) before I could put in on sale on my blog. Because normally I’ll shout about new stocks at my twitter. Fret not, still there are few more left; for the Military Green I don’t have the picture yet since all of the inner still at my tailor’s house. Will post the picture soon once I get it. At the moment, I have Black, Biege and Dusty Pink in my hand. Am using a very soft and comfortable cotton spandex fabrics for this inner and not a low quality lycra. Price is RM30 per piece (postage not inclusive). Read HERE how to measure size.

NCI – 001 (Black)
20″ – 1 piece
21″ – 2 pieces

NCI – 002 (Dusty Pink)
20″ – 1 piece
21″ – 4 pieces

NCI – 003 (Military Green)
20″ – 3 pieces
21″ – 4 pieces

NCI – 004 (Biege)
21″ – 2 pieces

Secondly, I know it’s kinda too early to tempah baju raya, but this is what I’ve learn from my past experience, don’t wait till the very last minute to buy or make Raya clothes, because you might ended up scoring a lousy clothes, with ill fitting and color that you dislike or color that can’t go with your Raya theme color. Some has already make baju raya a year in advance so during Ramadhan month, we can forget about bersesak2 dekat Jalan Tar to buy fabrics and what not so that we can focus on our ibadah. And another thing, normally 3 months before Hari Raya, most tailors will stop taking orders. So, don’t be one who got rejected ok. I’m here to help :D

I’ve designed a dress and it’s call Nilam Riding Hood. I’m a sucker for a dress. Last year I wore a dress that I bought from Zleqha on Hari Raya and I would say it such a good investment (because the dress is no cheap but quality very good) since I’ve been wearing the dress to many other events and occasions after that, especially weddings and always received a lots of compliment whenever I put that dress on , love it to the MAX!

So, here is how Nilam Riding Hood dress looks like, am so happy since this is my first design and many more to come. Reason being called Riding Hood because it has a scarf/hoodie attach to the dress. But, hey no worries, it is detachable and you can wear it with your other scarf/shawl ;) If you like, you can also drop the hood onto your shoulder and it will become a nice shoulder wrap! Brilliant kan? Cutting of this dress is very loose and comfy.

I can custom made this dress for you , depending on what color you want (color is limited to what I can get from my fabric supplier) and fabrics. Fabric that I use to make my pink riding hood dress is quite expensive (it’s cotton, soft and shiny) and I need about 5 meters long to make a complete dress. So, if you like this dress and want it to be more economy, I would suggest to use other type of materials like cotton spandex or satin. But if money not a problem to you, then this shining stripe cotton is a good choice too :)

(Sorry muka tak siap sbb tk ready hehe)

The scarf/hood made of chiffon and satin. It’s 2 tier scarf and can be attach and unattached to the dress. If you like to order, we have a standard size for S, M, L, XL. I will provide our standard size soon, and if you need to change measurement for certain part, you can just inform me.

Keen to purchase? Just fill up Nilam contact form. Tell me color that you want (so that I can check with my supplier), your size and type of fabric. I’ll quote the price too. The first 10 customers who order and make full payment for this dress will get a FREE Nilam Wrap Around snood to wear with this dress. So HURRY UP!

Hmm…should I continue more on Nilam progress? It’s getting too long hihi. Ok ok alright last one ya. Maybe once a month of when am free or rajin or when there’s something to shout , I’ll write Nilam Newsletter and send it to subscribers. For the first newsletter, I’ve sent it to those who has contacted me before via email. Sorry if you have no interest toward our newsletter feel free to unsubscribe.

If you want to get updates via our newsletter feel free to SUBSCRIBE.

p/s: never in my life before, imagining myself wearing my own label. but it’s happening now. syukur.

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