Cookies sample for sale

Firstly sorry because the sample ain’t free yer seperti yang diharap-harapkan ehe. Considering the amount of time, energy, money spent to make the cookies, hence I decided to sell it.

Actually half of these cookies are for Lonia Christmas hamper especially the Christmas tree, boy and girl cookies, but if you want to purchase just go ahead, am selling it too but in limited quantity.

Then another half lagi mmg for sample. Sepatutnya ada banyak , tapi sampai masa kami nk letak icing semua, the cookies slowly dwindling. Lepas sorang-sorang datang bukak botol. Paling banyak makan cookies ialah errr saya (sudah tentu) and second champion ialah Ichiro. Huhu. Rujuk gambar dibawah.

My cookie monster :)

We were also experimenting with our new cookies cutter, ada yg tk boleh guna such as Clover shape sbb dia ada cam batang daun tu, senang patah. We also testing with 2 types of concentration for the icing, I think I prefer icing pekat rather than cair. Ada pros and cons. Yg cair easy to pipe but coverage isn’t that good compared to thick icing, but if pekat agak susah sket nk picit masa piping tu.

My mom and I having fun testing our drawing skills juga. Hehe. Tapi lebih stress dari fun sebenarnya sbb kebanyakkan binatang terjadi pelik bila selesai dilukis. Hoho. Tapi abaikan jerlah dulu yer. Sbb kami nk cepat (truth is I yg nk cepat..sbb byk nyer benda nk kene buat). The purpose we selling the sample is for you to taste the cookies. Insyallah we will try our best to improve on the drawing later. But, tk der lah improve byk sgt kot, hihi because the cookies are  consider tiny, bit difficult to work on such a tiny working space with lots of detailing.

Beza beli sample dgn beli yg bukan sample ialah yg sample ni boleh beli sikit. Nk beli satu packet je pon boleh utk nk rasa. If nk order betul, akan ada minimum order tak boleh nk beli satu-satu mcm ni. I will pos laju the cookies in bubble envelope. I pon tk sure lah dia akan ok ker tak masa sampai nnt. Harap2 ok lah, sbb to be honest I don’t have any experience posting cookies via Pos Laju, so let’s see lah nnt. Jadinya, kalau nk beli, you got to accept the condition of the cookies be it in perfect shape or hancur? once arrive in your hand. But insyallah tkkan hancur I rasa.

Harga ranging from RM2.50, RM2.80 to RM3. I tak sempat nk letak harga ni pon dah nk pukul 5 pagi. So, sapa2 nk beli, just holla me via email HERE, then kasik tahu nk berapa packet ok. Nnt i randomly choose and quote. Basically lagi besar dari berat lagi mahal sket. Mcm yg Christmas tree, boy and girl tu is RM3 per packet. Ingredients kami guna high quality ingredients and ada campur badam grind juga, tepung kami guna tepung yg sedap yg utk buat kek punye.

Hurry up, limited quantity jer ni. Some kami nk ambil utk hamper juga, so yg utk dijual as sample tk berapa banyak.

p/s: am going to Singapore this Friday, so those interested nk purchase quickly write me an email ok. because am pretty sure I will have no access to internet while am in singapore nnt. i’ll be there for about 5 days. Nk order Usana or chocolate or cookies ker kene contact me asap ok.

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