"Moment with Lonia" contest

I have been meaning to update about “Moment with Lonia” contest but haven’t got chance till now. Before it’s too late, here goes the details and I hope that everyone can participate in the contest. It’s pretty simple, all it takes to join this contest is only a picture of you and Lonia products (or several pictures also can, but only one will be selected for the contest).

How to join?

You just need to submit one (or many) picture of you or your friends or your families with Lonia products (be it chocolate or cookies). Oh, but you must first purchase Lonia products. We’ll appreciate if you could submit the pictures at our facebook fan page or email it to us info[a]loniavillage[dot]com. Those who has blog, you can also blog about the picture. Kindly put title of your entry as “Moment with Lonia”.

The prize?

The best picture ( judge by Lonia crews ) with highest number of votes from my blog readers will walk home with

And if the winner with the best photo happen to blog about the picture, he/she will win a BONUS prize on top of the main prize. Double winning, yay! But if you are the winner and you don’t blog about the photo , don’t be sad you can still win the main prize which is a basket full of lovely chocolates.

This contest is only valid for ORDERS and DELIVERY made in November 2010 and December 2010. So hurry up! There’s still plenty of time left but bear in mind that our slot in December especially mid of December is almost fully booked. So, be quick if you want to participate in the contest.

These are 2 sample photos submitted by our customer Azalea and Iena. Thanks bunch!

A group of happy school children during their graduation day with Lonia lollichocs. They are so lucky to have such a nice and generous teacher like Azalea. Cikgu I dulu takder pon kasik chocolate..huhu.

Lovely twin with handbag and lipstick. Great pose indeed! :) – Great job Iena, dapat anak pandai posing ..hihi

Here a sneak peak to Lonia cookies sample. Will up for sale soon, stay tune…

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