Nilam 2nd Photoshoot - Si Pari-Pari Hutan

Hani is wearing Nilam scarf from classic series in Olive Green. Material is from metallic multi-tone chiffon. Do check out Nilam fan page and Walk In Beauty

You know what I’m a fan of face art/painting. Instead of normal make up I prefer costume make up, since it’s something that’s unique and very rare. Something that I don’t do everyday. When Walk In Beauty offered (or more like I requested from them) to provide make up service for my Nilam models for every photo shoot (BIG THANKS to WALK IN BEAUTY owner ARY), I came out with a crazy ideas to try with the face painting art and theme it up with my Nilam scarf.

By the way, not to worry, this type of make up is only for our official models and not for our customer. So, we won’t force you to dress up like a ghost or something if you are not willing ok :) If you nak normal make up and normal “human” face, we will do that for you :) Hehe. But, if you are keen to try costume make up , we would be happy to create the look for you :) But first thing first, your Nilam scarf (especially colors) must match with the theme of your choice.

Cuma, if for me I prefer make up pelik2 ni. Sbb, it’s like a lifetime opportunity to do this kind of make up right? Sbb paling-paling you can wear costume make up pon masa party, which how many of us yg really go to masquerade party? Maybe 10% of human population on earth? Or if dekat Malaysia ni lagi lah, I think it’s around 1-2% Malaysian yg daring enough to join masquerade party and paint their face.

The most I’ve seen, face painting ni masa world cup lah kan. Hehe.

So, about the photo shoot, this time around I asked my sister in law¬† Hani to model the scarf for me since my customer can’t make it for the shoot this week, perhaps some other time. I estimated for the make up to finish in 1 hour time, but oh boy I was wrong. It took 3 hours to get the make up done since we didn’t have the proper face painting paint. We only use normal make up to create the fairy looks. Actually it’s a Peter Pan looks, but Hani (my sis in law) tk suka I kata it’s Peter Pan, she prefers fairy. Haha.

Believe it or not, my initial plan was to create and “Elf fairy” looks not Peter Pan ok. But in life there’s for sure a bump here and there kan? which had forced me to change the plan at a very last minute which manage to make Ary gone mad and hysteria. Well, sorry babe it’s something that I didn’t plan to happen but we still got to proceed with the shoot so…itulah jadinya..jadi pari-pari elf terjadi pari-pari hutan. Hehe.

Munirah from TripletsplusOne Photography did also join us and manage to snap few pictures before she left. Actually she arrived very early at site and I felt so uncomfortable making people waiting for me. Since I hate waiting for people. But, nothing much can be done at my end, sbb I still need to wait for the make up siap. When Ary and Hani asked me on how to draw the flowers and color the base, I kept answering “mana-mana yg senang and cepat”. Haha, jawapan tidak membantu, last-last I cannot tahan already, I grab Ary’s make up palette and help her to highlight the flowers. Hihi nk cepat punya pasal. Ary sorry la sure you detested with my action kan, but at least I lend you my hands to speed up the process. Heeee.

Insyallah I will publish more pictures of my forest lady fairy and hope that I could publish some of Munirah’s best shot also. Do check out Nilam fan page for more photos, since I need more time to prepare the photos including editing. Just kindly join or “like” our fan page you will be notified with new updates and photos via facebook.

Many thanks Nilam’s crew Ary, Isma and Munirah. It’s a wrap! :)

p/s: remember Nilam first photo shoot? during the first session I’ve invited Lina to join the photo shoot and was hoping that she could make use of her toys (lomo camera) and snap few photos for our model so that at least I can have variation of photos. You can check her take here. I would say I reallyyyyy love her shot and will get permission from her to upload the pic on facebook. I was too focusing on photographing the scarf and forgot to take pic from other perspective like Lina did. So, I was lucky to have her in action on that day.

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