Sharing my experience consuming Usana

This entry is solely to share my experience using Usana products. Please be inform this is non-promotional type blog post, so I make the brand available to readers of this blog

Some time around last week, when I was pushing Ichiro’s stroller with a very bad body posture, suddenly there was a sudden twist at my back, (macam salah urat dekat leher), it was so hell painful! I feel like a robot for a moment, as I cannot bend over and stand straight! I can’t help from blaming myself since I didn’t push the stroller with a proper posture, now who suffer like hell? none other than me. Sigh.

I refuse to go for traditional massage, as am kinda paranoid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine if it’s for other body part, but not around the backbone area. It’s scary, as backbone is very sensitive, it’s like a pillar of your body. Without it, collapse your may, or worst paralyze. My middle name is paranoid, so leave me with that ok.

I do think this happened because my body lack of nutrients. Reason being, I’d missed taking my Usana supplement due to my supplement finishing in the middle of the month. Usana has the autoship thingy, where all the products of your choice will be deliver to you bi-monthly or monthly on certain date. So, I’ve been waiting for it, since it’s only a couple of week away, so malas nk beli asing, just nk tunggu next delivery.

But since, my life (even though am not working in the office) is pretty hectic, with my demanding 1 year ol plus child, entertain my customers, buat susu, mandi anak, cuci poo and etc , I really think I’d used up every single nutrients left. I was lack of energy and badan rasa tk sedap,

I asked myself “tkkan lah miss 2 minggu dah macam ni rasa badan?”

Well to answer that, there are many factors contributing to my condition such as I always stayed up late and wake up early, I deal with computer a lot more than 12 hours a day, I need to play with my son and entertain my customers (via live chat and email) at the same time, I use my brain non-stop to think on next strategy for my businesses. All these requires energy and strong body foundation to support its function. So, when I makan pon teratur, then supplement pon miss, it’s not quite a surprise when I feel a little bit unhealthy and uncomfortable with my body and prone to injury macam pinggang tergeliat tu la I rasa kot. My skin also isn’t at its best condition now. Jerawat mcm lampu jalan.

So, it was a huge relief when new stock of Usana products arrived last week. Before I continue, maybe some of you little bit confuse and wondering why this time around I mention brand of the supplement products and sometimes not? Hurmm, ok it’s like this actually, I cannot mention the brand in any promotional type of entry, like advertising my business in blog post and invite my readers to purchase the product via me. But I can mention the brand and share with my readers my experience using the products.

The above picture is new stock for this month, some of it are for my personal use. I couldn’t stress more on this. As a reminder to myself also, exercising and consuming high quality supplement is really vital and in a polluted world we live in today, this is mandatory. You can consume any brand of supplement though, but only the best and highest in quality will produce results. Bear in mind, not all vitamins and supplements are alike. Make a good choice then ;)

Alhamdullilah, I feel lot better now, can bend my body already but I try not to bend too often. I’ve also increased my supplement dosage as well as keeping good body posture, especially during sitting in front of the computer and while playing with my little son to ensure my speeding recovery. Pray for me yeah.

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