My Iphone 4 and DIGI

So much about my iPhone 4. After lotttsss of thinking, finally I decided to buy the iphone and stop being “jakun” once and for all. Since I aimed for the free bumper (yg tertulis dalam email promotion DIGI) , I need to be the first 100 to buy the phone and register with DIGI.

Mesin nombor yg rosak!! Cessssss. Penat tunggu 7 jam, rupa-rupanya faulty benda ni. Org yg datang lambat dah dapat dulu iPhone. Mana tak haku jadi naga?

Free refillable coffees for DIGI customers

That’s sound pretty easy as Quill Automobiles is quite near to our house so me and husband think it’s quite possible lah. So, kami pon sampai lah awal-awal pagi di Quill Automobiles, PJ. Our number was 120 masa tu, but ikut logic pon tkkan la semua org yg dtg earlier than us has the print out ( we need to print the email for the free bumper promotion) and by the time sampai giliran kami lepas 7 hours waiting!!! we were pretty sure that we gonna get the bumper since kami kira-kira ramai yg balik and tk sanggup tunggu.

Kaunter banyak tapi slow. Motif?

i Wait 7 hrs!!!!! Grrrrrrrr.

But too bad, bila kami tunjuk the print out semua cakap diaorg tatau pasal the free bumper! I yang mula-mula can sabar for 7 hrs, suddenly terus tk boleh tahan lagi. I lost my patience already and terus bertukar menjadi naga.

Hmmm…boleh tak I nk stop cerita? Sbb macam malas nk cerita benda-benda yg buat I sakit hati. I ni jenis yg forgive but never forget lah. So for now I dah forgive dah. Hahaha. Lagipon cam penat la tangan nk taip cerita I jadi naga tu panjang, cam I rasa korang pon malas nk baca nnt. Lagipon byk sgt benda lain yg buat I naik darah, so lupakan jer lah mari kiter cerita pasal iPhone 4. Hehe.

Mereka inilah yg faham betapa bosannya kami menunggu sehingga 7 jam. Tk henti-henti supply kt kami free coffee. Sampai diaorg habis shift and tukar barista lain. Hehe.

5 days using the iPhone 4, am loving it to bits I should say! Everything is super easy! Except the virtual keyboard of course (am catching up still), but apart from it, I really love the beauty, simplicity and technology. I’ve been holding back to own one, since am waiting for iphone that comes with a better camera. Now, not only that it comes with a better camera but it also has 2 cameras! Baru lah 3G ini macam!

There are like thousands of applications available to be downloaded. But for the time being I just download a few that I think useful. So far games and whatnot I tk download lagi sbb I malas nk buat housekeeping later. Mcm my macbook, mmg masak nk kemassss. So, I prefer to keep my iphone clean

Ok about the package. I chose DIGI because I’m pretty happy with my DIGI broadband service , plus DIGI rate is among the cheapest and affordable. Sudah semestinya I go for the cheapest package, sbb nyer saya adalah cheapskate.

Here summary of my RM58 monthly package. Basically what I get lah from the package. More details here

- 200 mins free calls to all local network
- 200 free sms to all local network
- 20 free mms to all local network
- Internet 1GB (this is quite enough for 24hrs light usage, but am no light internet user but 1GB is fine for me since I have wifi at home, so will only use DIGI for internet when there’s no wifi connection available)

And one good thing, if your usage exceeding the free usage as stated above, DIGI won’t charge u lah, but the speed of the internet will somewhat reduce. But this is only applicable to internet. Utk yg calls, sms and mms tetap akan charge la kalau guna secara tk ingat dunia. Hehe.

So itu sahaja. I’m not an affiliate of DIGI tho, am just a happy customer. Utk service provider lain i tk sure, maybe org maxis can give me some input , drop it in my comment box below ok.

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