Hello hello…how’s your weekend? Mine was blast mixed with ballistic. Hehe. I got myself an iphone 4 already! Hahaha…but you guys won’t believe the ordeal that I went through to get this most influence gadget on earth. Will tell the full story tomorrow. Sbbnyer today I tk prepare apa-apa blog post. Hihi. Ada laaaa satu I dah taip siang smlm…tapi dah berapa malam terlajak tidur cepat and tahu-tahu semua kerja yg I plan nk buat at night dah terbengkalai.

I ada entry pasal iphone and DIGI of course! then also entry for high blood pressure and supplement that good to help high BP patient, gambar-gambar chocolate baru and heart shape chocs order from Maria. Then hope by this week I can publish first photo shoot session for my Nilam scarf. Stay tune okeh!

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