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Bismillahirahmanirahim, dengan nama Allah yg Maha Pemurah dan Maha Mengasihani.

After sooooo longggggg drum rollssssss pleaseee…. ehem I guess now is the perfect time to launch my Nilam Boutique! Even though many other things haven’t complete yet, but most importantly my main product which is the scarf/tudung is all set to be market and greet the world. This would be a soft launching for Nilam Boutique, since I have a plan for an official launching before end of this year. So, it would be great if I can introduce and sell some of Nilam products first and towards the ” official day”, insyallah we gonna have some handsome amount of followers and fans already :) Insyallahhh.

Those who buy Nilam scarfs or any other products under Nilam brand, insyallah…( I really hope it’s going to happen soon) will get an exclusive invitation to the launching event. It’s a must-attend event, because we plan for an english-garden theme for the event. Cute, lovely and exclusive. Suka takkkkk?

But everything still in planning stage, so hold your excitement ok, I can’t promise anything on this. yet But, yes some lucky customers of Nilam, would have the privilege to get the invitation, if the event is confirm. How to be lucky? Well, simply buy our stuff, if you guys place our banner on your blog, follow our Twitter and like our FB page :), surely will increase your chance la. Ada lucky draw la nnt kan. I cannot invite all kalau betul2 event tu confirm, sbb bankrupt I nnt. Hehe. But still ikut keadaan, we may change our plan later, who knows kan?

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Tapi apa-apa ponnnnnn, semua ini masih dalam perancangan kasar,  so, ada kemungkinan tk jadi juga ok.

Ok enough for keterujaan, masa utk melihat product dan mengirai duit. Hehe. Ok here goes some pictures of my first design for Nilam under Classic series. Classic because inilah design yg I pertaruhkan utk titik mula Nilam Boutique.

Sila abaikan model itu ok. Hehe. Nnt event ada model betul insyallah, tidak perlu berasa panik kerana model didalam gambar ini akan berpeluh ketiak dibelakang stage sahaja nnt.

Code : NBC-SS001 , Status : Owned, Open for pre-order but subject to stock availability

Side View

Front and Top View

Here goes some description for Nilam scarfs from classic series.

  • Make from the best fabrics hand picked by me , cotton for inner and chiffon silk (tinted with metallic colours) for the shawl (demonstrated in the photos)
  • Shawl and inner is being attached together. It comes in one piece, easy to wear.
  • The shawl being designed to have some undulating effect “ombak/alun” around the face area. This is to create the beautiful “Arabian” style and also to make chubby face like mine appear bit slimmer than its actually is. It can be either worn loose (it will not be messy and hassle free as inner and shawl is attach together) or also with your favourite brooch.
  • Another special feature of the scarf, it has some lines being sewn on the entire scarf to create pattern and adding volume to shawl. Other than that, it can also be use as a guide “lines” to make it easier for you to shape up the scallop on your chest. Sometimes it can be difficult to shape the scallop and ended up having an unruly scallop. The guide “lines” that I had incorporated into my NILAM scarf can be really helpful I guess.
  • Scarf can be worn in so many style. Sky is the limit as the length of the shawl is pretty long for you to play around with many other style (around 2 meter and both side has same length). It can be worn as hood since inner and shawl is attached together….or maybe as a short wedding veil? no?

Normally, if nk cepat I just simply sarung without brooch or pin, then letak one side of the shawl on my shoulder then the other side i pintal macam dalam gambar. Cepat, pantas dan tuntas (bak kata Miss Ted).

I will also announce some jewelry to complement NILAM scarf soon. It’s a handmade jewelry one of a kind! Other than, there will also another design to be announce soon! Can’t wait :)

I’ve bought some fabrics last week and gonna make some scarfs out of it. There are pink, olive green, whitish-grey shaded tone and brown-green prints fabrics available for now like below pictures. To those who wanna book the scarfs (but strictly only for paid booking ok) can do so by following below steps.

1) Email me at mrsimran[at]nilamboutique[dot]com

2) Scarf code: Example : NBC-SS001

3) Write your message and email it to me. I’ll reply asap.

NBC – SS002

Shawl – Chiffon Green and Brown prints

Inner – Brown

Price : RM115 (postage not inclusive)

Stock : 3 pieces available

NBC – SS003

Shawl – Combination of dark and soft pink chiffon silk. Soft pink will be sewn on the undulating area around face.

Inner – White

Price : RM115 (postage not inclusive)

Stock : 2 pieces available

NBC – SS004

Shawl – Combination of olive and light green chiffon silk. Light green will be sewn on the undulating area around face.

Inner – Green

Price : RM115 (postage not inclusive)

Stock : 2 pieces available

NBC – SS005

Shawl – White-Grey shaded chiffon

Inner – White

Price : RM75 (postage not inclusive)

Stock : SOLD to Aan, Sue and Emila Yusof

I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to produce the same colors and prints in future as according to the fabrics shop, fabrics supplied to them is solely depends on their supplier. Therefore, there’s no certainty that I could offer the same to what I’m offering now in the future. So, take my one piece of advice will ya? If you like it, just buy it. Ini bukan gimmick utk trick you guys beli, tapi mmg I bukan tokey kedai kain ok, so I tatau kain apa yg diaorg akan jual dimasa hadapan.

Semua kain adalah dibeli di butik-butik kain high end di Jalan TAR. Tempoh masa utk menjahit scarfs belum dapat I decide lagi. Takper nnt if you guys interested nk beli , just write email to me, so boleh discuss further. Sbb utk batch yg ini sahaja I open utk booking based on fabrics. So kene tunggu tailor jahit dulu la the scarfs. Utk next batch, lepas tudung dah siap, baru I akan publish for sale. Harap maklum. So saper nk urgent like tomorrow tk dapat la rasanya.

Orait thanks for reading, doakan my Nilam Boutique berjaya dan menjadi salah satu brand muslim contemporary wear yg disegani dan disukai ramai. Jangan lupa support Nilam facebook fan page and twitter ok!

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