Hamper Raya!

I know many of you always skip reading entry about my chocolate di siang hari sbb takut terliur. But, heyyyyyI want you guys to seeĀ  pictures of my chocolate ok :P Adalah tidak bermakna I tersenguk-senguk di tengah-tengah malam in front of my laptop to edit the chocolate photos….and later nobody baca and tengok.

So, before any of you skipping reading this entry, I put up a photo of our special edition chocoflakes di awal-awal entry. Haha. So, kalau nk skip pon baca entry ni, still dah tertengok gambar kt atas ni kan? Tahniah! Hahaha. So, does it looks yummy? You bet!

Well, am pretty tired and I think am gonna cut today’s entry short to give more space for pictures of Aidilfitri and Ramadhan Hamper. Have been meaning to update about the hamper raya since past few days unfortunately I don’t have the time to sit and update the details, furthermore editing photos is really tedious and tiring work. Lucky I have a very good laptop that makes my work a little easier.

Still, I need to do the editing batch by batch sbb tk larat nk buat sekali harung semua. Kalau pc slow nk buat editing and design mmg sakit hati and bertambah lambat la I can update pasal hamper raya. Orang dah habis raya, hamper baru nk start jual. Huhu.

Ok straight to point now, I’m helping my fren Ain selling some of her hamper raya as well as my chocolate hamper. Ain’s hamper is more to raya cookies while mine is of course chocolate hamper. So, saper-saper interested nk order mana-mana hamper, tk kisah Ain punye hamper or my chocolate hamper , you can just order via me. There’s always something for everyone kan? Am taking orders for both kind of hampers. Feel free to bother me with your query and orders ya.

As for my chocolate hamper, we offer only one type of hamper which is as above (you can check my previous entry HERE for more pictures of the hamper(, it is pretty generous because we throw in various kind of chocolates up to 8 types of chocolates with different kind of designs and pattern. Fascinating! Raya hamper would never be the same again with Lonia | the sweet tooth fairy chocolate hamper! Check out the pricing details below.
Less than 20 unit : RM 110 per hamper
More than 20 unit : RM 100 per hamper
More than 30 unit : RM 90 per hamper
*Wooden box subject to availability. We have rights to replace the wooden box with other type of box shall the supply fall short.
*Price quoted not inclusive delivery

And check out details of biscuit or raya cookies some mix with dates hamper. All the details such as price and content of the hamper already provided in the catalogue. We are still open for orders, but afraid going to close orders soon. Do place your order soonest to ensure that you get what you see in the picture as the boxes or tray used for the hamper selling really fast due to festive season. So, we gotto hurry ok.

To order, make your way to my contact us page and send me a message. Will reply your message soonest possible.

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