Edible image design & Chocolate hamper for Raya

Goshhh, I spend lot of my time and money too to design custom edible image for our Oreo Chocolates. I bought all of the elements that I use for my design from several scrapbook websites and they are all lovely. Here are few designs that I manage to finish in 2 days time. Planning to do more design especially for the chocolate wrapper.

In the meantime, I can’t never thank God enough for the blessing. I’m so happy as everything goes very well for my Usana business and chocolates as well. Syukur alhamdullilah. Tk menang tangan nk membalas email dan menjawab pertanyaan di FB dan chat mesengger. Thank you to all for the support.

Due to good responds that we received from customers, some say macam “Kit Kat” , some say anak2 suka makan sampai jadi hyper, some say sedap bangat sampai tk cukup nk makan, some say superb and etc , so we are thinking to appoint agent for our chocolates

Criteria yg diperlukan…ehe;

a) Tkder kerja nk buat, tapi perlukan duit poket utk hari raya

b) Ada ramai kawan-kawan atau sedara mara yg suke beli coklat dan kuih raya

c) Hmmm…itu sahaja rasanya

Siapa berminat boleh contact saya di SINI. We are anticipating to announce our Raya Chocolate Hamper. What I can say for now, lawa ooo chocolate tu semua my sis buat, I just dapat tengok preview jer hari tu. Hehe and content per hamper is quite generous, price tentatively would be below RM100 for bulk orders or around RM110 per box (if you want to buy less than minimum order). So, mana-mana company yg dah boring dengan hamper biasa, can order chocolate hamper from us pula ok. Hope we can launch it soon :) Me can’t wait!

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