Chocolate Wrapper Design

New Update: I touch up the wrapper a bit. Add flavor , net weight and also chocolate supply by Lonia | the sweet tooth fairy. What I need now is a border pastu siap dah :) Yayy!

Busy mode. Alhamdullilah, despite that we are still new in chocolate business and had just launched our business couple of weeks ago, glad to inform that we are currently in “busy-buat-chocolate-raya-mode” Seronok ok!

There are many orders coming in, well….still small-small orders lah , but as Milie said on twitter “small orders la yang membawa kepada big orders”. So true ok! If I can “like” her tweet, surely I dah “like”.

As I mentioned before, am just helping my sister and my mom also happy sbb anak-anak dia finally semua ada mewarisi kepakaran dia. Dolu-dolu we never thought that we will follow suit our mom, but now, I rasa mmg dah 100% ikut mak kiterorg…ehe.

Cuma satu jer I tk ikut my mom, I tk suka Hindustan, tapi mak I perghhhh hari-hari pon Hindustan. Tapi now dia dh tak tengok Hindustan sangat sbb dah tukar jadi hari-hari Korean. Apa-apa la mak.

Back to chocolate biz, since it’s pretty hard to get a graphic designer and we kinda need to move fast, therefore I cekalkan hati to do the design on my own. Furthermore, it’s lot cheaper and I don’t need to check with the designer when can they finish the design and bla bla and then baru boleh confirm dgn customer on the delivery date. Which is sangat leceh processnya and slow.

I hate that. My style doing business is always prompt and quick (including my Usana business). So, the easiest way is to do my own, aight? while I still got time to spend on design better I buat sendiri, if not bila lagi kan?

My sis ada jual chocolate bar, but we don’t have wrapper for it. Thus, for the past few days I spent lot of time collecting materials and learn on how to design the wrapper.

I still need to touch up the design bit. Need to add flavor and net weight of the chocolate and maybe border too.

Finally, tonight I’m able to come out with my first design for the wrapper. It’s for our Chocolate Hari Raya Hamper. The name can be change to your organization name or company’s name or anything as long as can muat the space lah. Pretty amatuer kan? But okay lah, since I don’t need to pay for a penny and queuing to get the job done.

I’m having so much fun designing the wrapper and I think I wanna try to design lot more personalize wrapper design in future. Those who want to purchase my design must buy the chocolate bar as well. Hehe because the wrapper is not a stand alone product, it comes with a chocolate bar.

Oh selamat berhujung minggu and yes dah nk puasa! Yayyyy. Mesti ramai balik kampung this week kan =) Seronotnyer!

p/s: oh no, I don’t design blog header or blog layout yer. terlalu canggih for me. fening fening. hehe.

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