Hiring a tailor / Mencari tukang jahit (Urgent / Segera)

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I am a bit sad with my Nilam Boutique. Progress has been extremeeeeeeeely slow. This is due to I wasn’t able to get a COMMITTED tailor for my boutique. Masuk ni dah third round bertukar tailor. All willing to try to produce sample of my tudung, but sooner after that they start slacking and wasn’t able to deliver on time. I have no idea what went wrong, but most of the time reasons being was because they don’t really have time sbb buat kerja menjahit part time, queue panjang and etc.

I need a sample before I could proceed with bulk orders right? And I’ve already brief and explain to all of the tailors, that I need a standard design or sample first, if they manage to produce the sample to be a benchmark, then the next step insyallah would be smooth sailing. Masalahnya sekarang, sample yang simple tu pon tk leh nk deliver on time, bagaimanakah nk buat bisnes besar-besaran?

Tudung tu senang jerrrrrr nk jahit actually. Kalaulah I ni mmg pandai jahit and boleh jahit dgn elok and cepat, baik haku jahit sendiri and kaut untung sorang-sorang! Tudung tu tkder awning-awning bagai ni pon! Memang senang jer jahit. Haihh.

But till now regret to say, I don’t have any sample yet . Kesian kan? I do have la several earlier samples, but after few modifications, I was actually suppose to get my final sample last month. But then tailor said he was busy with other works and can’t get it done on time. So, requesting more time and I granted him 3 weeks to finish up the sample, but still no news from him.

I was a bit disappointed since he didn’t pick up my call, never return my call, never replied my SMS and never replied my email. I bukan nk marah la kalau dia tk siap pon, sbb I pasrah, maybe tuhan kata belum masanya utk I dapatkan tailor yg betul-betul lagi. So itu takdir. I tk marah. But I marah, bila tk return my call, tk reply my sms and tk reply my email. I don’t think this is the correct way to do business. Nasib baik hari tu dia pick up the phone sbb I try call sekali lagi before I decided nk pergi jer tempat kerja dia and collect my stuff from him.

Again I tk marah sesiapa, but still kalau nk run business kene ada etika yg betul. I ada target masa yg I nk achieve to launch my product. I used to work as Project Engineer dulu and trust me, I know how critical for me to meet the delivery dateline as a day delay can cause my customer losing millions of money and myself pon boleh kene penalty by customer. So, if you can’t deliver, please don’t say you can and eagerly take the job. You are ruining other people’s business as well as tarnishing your reputation.

You know what, I have a hijab design in my head that I think can be a phenomenon as soon as it being introduced to Malaysia market. But sadly, nobody want to really jahit the tudung properly because I know, they didn’t see the potential. Nnt dah ramai org pakai and jual mcm tudung lycra skang ni, baru lah semua nk buat jugak.

But am no a quitter. Am giving this another chance. Here’s the deal. To ALL TAILORS or FRIENDS of TAILORS kindly read below;

  • I’m currently looking for a tailor with a good sewing skills
  • Full time tailor preferably (part time tailor can also contact me, but based on my past experiences, it was pretty hurt to deal with part time tailor)
  • Able to produce bulk orders, minimum 15 – 25 tudung per orders within 5 days (don’t worry the hijab is pretty simple, you may need lesser days)
  • Own a good sewing machine to sew few type of sensitive and hard to sew material like CHIFFON, SILK, SATIN, LYCRA and JERSEY
  • My hijab is exclusively designed by me. Therefore, any act or scheme to try reproduce my work and design legitimately is prohibited. Do not reproduce my idea and my product without my consent.
  • I also prefer tailor who is residing in PJ/Klang Valley area
  • Tailor who own a workshop or craft room for sewing purpose will have an advantage

I’ve a plan to open a real boutique (not only online boutique) in the future. But first I need to make Nilam Boutique a success before I can make another step ahead. Hence, I’ve a plan to hire an in house tailor too. Since I can’t promise anything for now (as I can’t predict future), but what I can say whoever work with me now especially tailor will have a chance to be my in house tailor. A chance only, but if you are really good, loyal and honest, I don’t see any reason why should I reject you, right?

So, to ALL TAILORS or FRIENDS of TAILORS who think and feel that you or your tailor friend suit my requirements above, make your way¬† CONTACT US page and please fill up contact form for tailors (look up for form 2). This is pretty urgent as I’m planning to launch or start selling the hijab, if possible in Ramadhan month (kalau tk sempat, I can always reschedule, priority will be given to siapa yg kata possible for Ramadhan).

The first task you may need to expect is to prepare the final sample of my hijab yg pending sampai hari ni. I will give the details in email later. Once sample siap (I want the sample to finish in 2 days time – sgt senang the tudung don’t worry, 2-3 jam dah siap actually), I will proceed with bulk orders, for a start maybe 15 pieces dulu. However, this is not going to be a contract job. Tapi kalau harga, service, mutu jahitan, friendly dan ketepatan masa menghasilkan produk, insyallah it will be a fruitful long term business for both parties.

Fill up the form and send to me. Ask question in my comment box. Thanks in advance to those who are very kind to retweet and share this post on FB and twitter. Muchas gracias!

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