Photomama Workshop with Saiful Nang

Saiful Nang

I attended a photography workshop last Sunday and mentor was none other than the famous Saiful Nang. This is my first time to join a photography workshop and I was pretty excited. I met many other bloggers who apparently share the same passion in photography.

This is Didee, she was sitting next to me and she is also one of my Usana downline (there were 5 of my Usana downlines attending the workshop). We met for the first time there.

When being ask, will I consider to make photography as a profession and be a professional photographer? I was speechless, to be honest I never asked myself such question before.

My comment on that would be no and yes (I answered the same during the workshop). Yes to be a professional but as a profession…hmm not quite yet (perhaps in future, but dunno lah) as I can’t see myself doing photography as profession. Firstly because I know quality of my picture and I feel that it isn’t fair to charge for it.

This is Munirah. Mothers of triplets plus one….err no! plus more and more. She’s one of my Usana downline also. Although she said that she looks like as if she “nk makan orang” dalam gambar ni, but somehow I like this pic. Therefore, putting it up here. Hihi.

I can’t get a nice shot of the baby, so I snap picture of the ladies taking the photo instead.

But selling pictures, yes. I did think about selling my pictures on stock photo website previously but haven’t got the chance and time to get it done. I came out with such idea, when I browsing through for photos on stock photo website (like and was thinking that maybe one day I can be a contributor too. Saiful Nang also did mention similar idea about selling photos online during the workshop.

By selling your pictures / image on such website you need not to worry about how good or beautiful the photos are (but for some stock photos website , it has some requirements to meet before you can submit your photo), because people will only buy your photo if they like it. Indirectly means, if you want people to buy your photo amik lah gambar lawa-lawa yer. Ko hantar stok-stok gambar mcm taken from kamera rosak mmg buat penat jerlah.

One of my best shot ~ according to Saiful Nang yer, bukan saya pandai2 cakap (lucky me, at least manage to get one photo of the day..huhu) For this shot, 1-third and clean background rules applied.

And this one is pretty good too ~ again according to Saiful Nang. I purposely snap the photo in small frame to minimize the color of object appear in the photo, so that the subject (baby) will pop.

And this is my favourite shot! Fuhhh..

Sesi soal jawab bersama Didee. Hehe. Ni masa time rehat actually. Jua nasib baik tk kangkang besar lagi, if not have to censor this pic already. Heheh.

Group photo (ada lagi beberapa orang tk masuk gambar)

Ok why am so into photography?

I just hate ugly photos as I think beautiful photo is important for blog too because it can generate more interest of readers to your web content and make them come again for more. Bottom line it is all about how you want to portray yourself on blog. Your blog say it all about you.

So, do you love photography too?

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