Tutorial ~ How to make your tweet as your email or forum signature

Ok here’s the trick..hehe (trick la sangat kan), but it’s pretty neat as you can attach your latest tweet in your email or forum (as signature) and also on your blog or website. This is not a paid ad. I just feel like sharing :) If you guys “like” this simple tutorial, kindly share on FB or retweet (use my new and sleek share & retweet button above this post) so that I know there’s a demand and from time to time I can make more simple tutorial similar to this.

I discovered Tweetbars when I was lurking for “tetsuhighrose” Daily L.I comic thread in lowyat, read my post about the comic here. Huhu. Worry not, this is really a child play as you just need to copy and paste the code into your signature box and your tweet will shown up almost immediately.

Here is how to go about;

1) Visit
2) Insert in your twitter ID as below image and click “get one”

3) After that..taraaa codes are ready to be paste wherever you want. Looking good aight? Refer below image.

This is example of my signature in email :) I don’t fancy attaching signature at the end of my entry as I think it got no use and definitely will require extra times in loading my page which will only hurt my readers who’s struggling to get connected to internet. So, I attached it in email :) and……

as my forum signature too! (featuring @kujie in my tweetbars)

So, sapa-sapa yg suka letak signature berbagai rupa bentuk, try lah tweetbars. But, tweetbars is only for twitter user lah. The best part is, your tweet display in tweetbars will continously changing as you tweet more. Meaning kalau hari ni I email you, and my tweet is for example “abcdef”, then tomorrow if you open the same email again, the tweet will change to “xyz” (providing you ada tweet lagi lah selepas your latest tweet semalam). Hope you guys get it lah, haku ni kadang-kadang cakap berbelit. Hehe. So, eh TGIF eh?

p/s: I got my first order for the chocs! Yay! Will update soon ;)

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