Testimonial ~ Diabetes with severe wound

FIRSTLY , please don’t get bored and hang on with me for few seconds. The title didn’t do enough justice to the content. Urmm…well I have quite many testimonials for diabetes already and I totally understand if you guys going to say…“yawn..just another diabetes testimonial” upon reading the title of this entry.

but WAIT! this ain’t just another diabetes testimonial as this time around I have a before and after picture of diabetes wound. Yes, I think many of us know that diabetes patient is very sensitive to wound. For example even an ant’s bite can cost a serious injury. No joke.

SECONDLY, since I need to abide to company policy and regulations hence I will not mention brand of the products that have been used but perhaps I will just name it “the brand”, but to those who has followed my blog for quite sometimes, I think it will take no time for you to figure it out..wink ;)

THIRDLY..hmmm…ok there’s no third.

This is a story of Mak Z. She used to babysit my mother in law when my MIL was a kid. Few months back my family went to visit her and they were quite shocked to see condition of Mak Z, particularly her legs. She’s having diabetes wound on both of her legs and my MIL was so worried and concern about it so she decided to order a set of “the brand” supplement from me to give to Mak Z.

To be honest, I didn’t put much hopes for Mak Z to gets better as judging from the wound, I could say it was pretty severe, however optimist I still….

Here is a picture of both of her feet 2 months before taking “the brand” supplement.

  • skin is cracking and tearing apart for the entire feet up to the calves
  • you can see some open wound and flesh too
  • some bleeding can be spotted at certain areas

And here how it looks like after consuming “the brand” supplement.

Sorry the lighting was too dim. I should not use the chandelier lights for photography. Big NO-NO. Hahaha. [bijak sangat gi guna chandeliar dah la jadi kuning emas semacam..]

Photo was taken yesterday. Mak Z came to our house to get new supplies of “the brand” supplement.

  • skin is starting to cover up the open flesh and wounds
  • less noticeable skin cracks
  • some wounds are showing great improvement in healing
  • Mak Z also mentioned that she was actually had a breathing problem especially at night before, but now it seemed that the breathing problem has gone away after consuming “the brand” products.

Ok here’s the thing, products claim or whatsoever is prohibited. I came to know about it quite recently that products claim is actually against the RDA rules or something lah, I can’t remember the teeny weeny details but as far as I concern products claim is outlawed and it is applicable to all brands [not only to "the brand" anyyyy brands] even though it’s proven working and does wonders.

So, company rules and policy that has been set the way it is now, started to make sense. All these while I admit that I was a bit furious, but now….hmm still furious. Hahaha. Pening bebbbb. I was thinking to set the entry to private [already did for some previous entries], but then again what’s the point am writing it?

However, even though products claim is prohibited but no one can deny the fact that by taking good and high quality supplement [like "the brand"], we will experience a significant improvement in health, especially to those who had suffers diseases [any kind] for years.

Supplement is the safest and natural way to improve your health. I would always recommend ehemm…”the brand” [darnnnnn! I feel so awkward okay!! yerlah nk kene berkias-kias bagai walhal ramai yg dah tahu apa itu “the brand” sebenarnya…

{take deep long breath…and continue}

So, if you wanna know further about “the brand” [cisss, retard sungguh perasaan ini] , not only for diabetes but also for any other diseases or simply to maintain health, feel free to CONTACT me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

{gosh..this is soo wrong, but i just wanna say….}

“the brand” pon…”the brand” lahhhhhhh

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