Moments in Homestay Kg. Parit Penghulu

There goes my plan to update my blog everyday except Saturday and Sunday. Things were bit messy yesterday with durians and whatnot. Ehe. I ate 2 biji durian and hoping that I won’t fall sick and FAT. Ehe. Durian is too sedap to resist la. How come la orang jepun hate it so much, pity them…

Urmm..I’m kinda pening a bit thinking on the best way to write my first time experience joining the homestay program because too many pictures, stories and info need to be include in. So, I guess I will write it in several sections. Feel free to comment or ask anything ok.


  • Me and husband drove our own car to Kg. Parit Penghulu, Sg. Rambai Malacca and it took about an hour to reach there from my parent’s house. Yeah pretty near. I didn’t join the bloggers group who embarked for the journey from Newszapped office in PJ.
  • We were welcomed by the rhythmic beat of “kompang” and bearers of bunga manggar (floral displays). It surely made us feel like a YB already. Hihih.
  • Briefing session on the “Kem Modal Insan” and activities that will be involved.
  • My husband, myself, Jason and Casey were chosen by faith to stay with Haji Sarip family
  • For the first time in my life I think bloggers are slowly turning into press. Look at our gear, most of us equipped with DSLR camera and some complete with several lenses and mount on flash. I’m so lucky that I have a DSLR too, thus, I didn’t feel left out la. Ehe.


  • Our foster father’s name is Hj. Sarip. He and the wife are blessed with 9 childrens, yup NINE! Sgt meriah ok. Only a few at home tho, we were so grateful and thankful being given a change to stay at Hj. Sarip’s house.
  • The house is tidy, food was good, room was comfy enough for us and bathroom is always clean. Air kolam kampung sgt tejukkkk. I tadah air straight from the pili instead. Can’t stand the coldness. Menyengat! Ini belum air perigi oiii. Burrrrrr.
  • We were served with “lauk kampung”. I loike. I ate more than usual and regretted it . I felt fat as if I’m pregnant. Stress! But the food is too good to be ignored. First day, makan sampai lupa nk amik gambar, on the second day I constantly reminding myself to bring the camera during lunch time. Lucky I did ;)


  • Paddy field [sedihnyer padi baru jer tanam semula, so no nice green and yellow photos of paddy. bummer!]
  • Palm trees [we got to watch how to cut the palm fruit from the palm trees. The blade is so sharp, got to be very careful guys]
  • Rubber trees [we were giving chance to try tap the rubber trees, I didn't try tho since I was too busy cam whoring and plain lazy. Typical me.Ehe.]
  • Dusun Durian! My favourite! We searched for the durians, straight kopek and makan dekat situ. Heaven! While we were busy indulge ourselves with Durian, the mosquitos also seemed to have their fiesta as well. Blood sucker! Lucky I brought Ichiro’s mosquito repellent along.
  • Eel catching [easy peasy for me...haha but geli gila. the eel got this slime or mucus thingy on its skin..yucks!]
  • We were so fortunate since we got the chance to watch “kambing beranak” too! Awesome! It happened just in time. At the moment we were busy taking photos of the kambing-kambing, suddenly ada ibu kambing beranak. Apa lagi all the jakuns amik gambar non-stop. Kesian mak kambing tu tk tenang nk beranak. Hehe.
  • Batik showroom also available. We didn’t try batik canting tho since the owner of the batik shop wasn’t around.
  • There are many others attractions like fishing, “Minah” the monkey, can also try to make the famous “telur asin”, can learn how to make “sarung cempedak” using the coconut leaves and I believe you can also request them to show on how to make “ketupat” as well.
  • During night time, mcm pesta ok. Kaki pancing will sit quietly at the pool waiting for the fish to eat the bait, my foster family pulak selling “nasi lemak” , some kuih and drinks at gazeboo nearby the pool. Cool kan? Dulu masa I kecil I always wanted my mom to sell something at school canteen ker, so I got to makan free and berlagak with my friend. Haha.
  • There are also some entertainment like “karaoke” traditional dance, silat show and etc. Pendek kata, happening wooo malam-malam and it happens every night! How cool is that!


  • Handphone line coverage is not a problem. DIGI sangat power di sana. But I didn’t bring my smartphone or DIGI modem, because dah macam my habit, if I were to enjoy myself, I would prefer to do it with a total freedom no string attach! [meaning without attaching myself to internet, it is such a distraction - for me la]
  • WIFI also available at Kem Modal Insan and at Balai Raya. You can get WIFI connection at some of the homestay house too. The kampung folks are pretty familiar with internet. I think perkataan yg I paling banyak dengar disebut oleh orang-orang kampung ialah “Facebook”. Hahaha.
  • Water is not a problem, water pipe is everywhere.
  • Electric also is not a problem. Kami siap tengok world cup England vs USA. Bongok la boleh tie. Bikin malu jer England.
  • Air-conditioner isn’t available. But not to be afraid, it ain’t that bad. Maybe because there’s a paddy field so it wasn’t that hot. Especially during night time, I was even shivering to death [with blanket and clothes on mind you] and asked my husband to reduce the speed of the small fan that we got in our room. Kalau dekat KL, we need 2 big kipas. Itu pon masih panas lagi dan berhaba.

I can’t include everything in one entry, I believe if I do so, ended up this entry will be too long till myself also don’t want to read it. Hehe. To cut the story short, the homestay trip is totally a new experience to me. Even tough never came across to my mind before that I would ever interested with homestay, but yeah the trip has opened up my eyes. To my surprise, the people also very friendly, they always know how to please their guests and not to forget also so proud of their “kampung”. It is our [city folks] turn to ternganga okey dengar cerita mereka.

It’s good for foreigner who wants to know more about “kampung” or local village and experience it for real. For Malaysian, I would say why not give it a try? Since every kampung is different. Even though you have a “kampung” of your own, but it won’t be similar to my or other kampung. Agree? So, homestay is a great way for you to experience different type of “kampung” in different state.

Here are few links for you to know further about details of the homestay available in Malaysia, person in charge to contact and etc.
Go2Homestay on Facebook
Go2Homestay website
Kefri [Hj. Sarip's son] is running his own “ikan talapia masin” business. I will blog about it later, for now you may add him at…where else? facebook lah!
Kem Modal Insan on Facebook

Now you know why org kampung semua tahu facebook! hehe…

Last but not least, I would love to thank Ministry of Tourism Malaysia for sponsoring the trip, the bloggers [I had such a great time making new friend ;)] Please count us in for the next homestay trip ok, Mr & Mrs Imran is definitely looking forward for it.

Till next homestay….

p/s: Am thinking to create a new sub domain to upload all photos taken/snapped by me. Will announce soon.

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