I'm so FAT with capital F!

I am out of mood to blog. At this point I wanna say out loud that I hate durian to the max. I hate what it does to me, been craving for nasi and food non stop for few days. This is what happen when your sugar blood spike up and you will crave for food like nobody business. Thanks to durian! Muchas gracias.

My advise to all, if you wish to lose some weight or cut the craving, watch out you sugar intake as well as calories.

There’s no more durian left in the kitchen, I don’t know whether not that is a good news, but looking at current situation, I think it is a good news. And dear husband, I know you love me so much, but please stop buying durian for me yer. If I request for more durian, just slap me in the face..but please do it gently lah.

And to add more salt to the wound, I didn’t bring my Nutrimeal and Fibergy [am at my parent's house] greattttt…just great. Am so in need of my diet shake now. Sob sob sob…:( Nutrimeal and Fibergy please come to me, fly if you need to…Goshhh am losing my sanity too. Darn! This fat thingy really testing my patience.

Semalam my mom cooked bubur kacang hijau durian, lauk sambal sardin and nasi goreng kampung…all in one day. Arggghhh so salivating. How could I say no to that? Tell how how???

Durian mmg buat I emo lah. Benci.

I doakan u all semua pon gemuk hari ni. Baru adil.

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