Trip to Tioman Island

Sea breeze….

Well..well…well, at the moment I feel like I’m dreaming as several days ago I was still in Tioman Island for my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia vacation and then suddenly “abracadabra pooff” here I am sitting on my mom’s sofa again with computer on lap , yawning and lost count how many times I’ve been bitten by mosquitoes. Badddd mosquitoes.

Our trip to Pulau Tioman was fun and adventurous. Thanks to Sanaa and husband who are responsible in arranging our very first trip to local island. If you are looking for a good travel deal, fast service and reliable, I would highly recommend Sanaa and her husband. I did send query to few other agents [including travel agent company that I've already signed up as a member], either responds were very slow or price ain’t good are among major reasons why I didn’t choose them. To those who aren’t familiar with travel package and stuff feel free to contact Tholand Waey Holiday Sdn Bhd. They are very friendly, speedy service, reliable and competitive in price. You can look for more info by checking out their FB fan page or visit Leisure Vacation Club website. We maybe wanna consider to sign up as a member with them as my current travel agent company is really disappointing. Bila call jer asik passing-passing, then we had to repeat the story from the beginning over and over again. Begitu susah meh nk amik reservation or booking? So jangan jadi macam kiter orang, wrongly chose the travel agent and then wasted our hard earned money to pay the membership fee.

Sand beach of Pulau Tioman

Since Tioman is the first local island that we have visited thus I hardly can judge or compare with other islands in Malaysia. Journey to Tioman was not that smooth. We woke up early on Monday morning and straight heading to Mersing city by car. We reached Mersing 4 hours later and was a little early since our ferry schedule to depart around 11 am and we were practically an hour early. I was furious when the ferry delayed, wasn’t sure whether not it’s normal for the ferry to delay but seriously it really testing my patience. I hate waiting and an hour behind schedule is really unacceptable! Dah la kami sejam awal, then feri sejam lewat, 2 jam bazir kt jeti panas kepam tu. The sun was super bright and weather was somewhat burning! I was sweating like no one business. Kalau ada penghawa dingin dekat jeti tu, boleh la juga saya panjangkan kesabaran. It really wasting our time, energy and money too.

In front of deluxe suite, suitable for big family

Beach Front room. 2 katil. Tamakkan? Salah satu katil jadi meja. Hehe.

We then arrived at the island around 3pm [sigh]…1 hour delay + 2 hour journey. Since we were too exhausted, we fell asleep soon after and only woke up during dinner time. Things went pretty well after that. But we didn’t have much things to do at night. Oh by the way my husband and I stayed at Paya Beach Resort. For the first night we settled with Sea Facing room and change to Beach Front room on the next day. Beach Front room is little bit expensive than Sea Facing room [we actually wanted for it from beginning, but it has been fully booked]. So, when the management informed us that there’s one unit of Beach Front room available, we quickly upgraded our room :)

Food sail on a boat?

Food at Paya Beach Resort was so-so to me. It wasn’t bad or good either, but we didn’t go there for food, hence it really didn’t matter to us. Plus, I’m on diet and Imran is not a big eater, so we think the food is fine. At Paya Beach Resort, the staffs and workers are very nice and friendly, they surely made us feel like we are at home. There are also various activities that you can arrange while staying there like fishing, snorkeling, diving [PBR does have discovery dive too!], waterfall, boat tour and many more. Since we only have 1 day to join the activities, thus we chose to go snorkel in the morning and diving in the evening albeit we know that diving ain’t easy.

Aha, how I missed this moment…feel like we were just married

Our escapade trip to marine park started on second day. To be honest that was my first time to join snorkeling activity and mind you am not a good swimmer [huhu..lemas2 tu selalu ah] After trying it for the first time, I could say it’s kinda addictive! At the beginning I was bit worried, but lama-lama lepas tu, life jacket pon dah tanggal sbb nk immerse lama sket dalam air and take photo! Gambar itu penting. Lemas perkara kedua. Ehe.

I like this pic the most!

Takut hitam ker abang?

We don’t have any underwater camera but we managed to get one on loan. The camera is ancient! [well..whatever camera that still using kodax film is ancient to me] We did think to buy one, but then since we thought that we could get it much cheaper on mainland, so, we just simply rent it. Thank god we made such decision since we found out that it’s pretty hard to get the film developer, apparently they had already threw out the old skool machine, fully understood that…we are living in a digital era and there’s no room anymore for giant film developer machine anymore. Filmography dh slowly pupus. Surely soon ada digital lomo, worry not ok.

Ini muka orang yg tertelan bergelen2 air laut

Fishhhhh yay! Ikan gigit navel Imran sbb ikan-ikan ingat itu roti crumbs. Hahaha. Merah n sakit siottt..

The camera suck big time! It’s terribly difficult to use, too big too hold in hands, difficult to focus with our snorkeling mask on, the viewfinder is rather small for my gigantic mask, every time we snap a photo..we need to roll the film, problem is sometimes we rolled it twice and sometimes once. So yg mana betul? Boleh gila ok! Dah la busy nk control breathing and balancing [plus posing with peace sign], mmg kelam kabut nak amik gambar. Terbalik terlungkup semua ada. We just pray that gambar2 tu jadi la. Haha. Wpun tidak lah mengharap sangat. Sbb we don’t even quite sure whether not we had the camera on. Haha. Entah2 lupa nk on. Isk isk. I blame it on the camera, because of it I missed the opportunity to snap photo of SHARK! Yeah a shark. Scary tak? Masa tgh snorkeling ada shark. Hihi, I was swimming with my almight to the boat actually sbb tu tk dpt amik gambar. Ehe. Not because of the camera.

Air supply. Hehe. Jangan main-main benda ni. Berat. Angkat rasa mcm nk terbenam masuk bumi. Tapi dalam air tk rasa berat. Rasa cam ada org hug belakang :D

Later in the evening of the second day, we decided to try the “discovery dive”. Discovery dive is for beginner who doesn’t have any diving experience [let alone license] like ehem… yours truly. Berenang pon tempang2 lagi, ada hati nk dive. Huhu. To tell you the truth, from my own opinion diving is actually easier than swimming. Why? Because you have set of equipment and you don’t need to bother about keep floating because the life jacket is attach to your body, kalau malas2 nk swim boleh arise to surface and inflate the jacket, then boleh tidur dah. Hehe. But of course things can go wrong sometimes, so masa2 oksigen habis ker apa ker…u need to have those swimming skills la. If not I tk jamin u akan selamat utk balik berhari raya. Hari raya tiba-tiba?

At the jetty, waiting for the boat

So, apa lagi eh? Third day tu dah check out, we waited for the ferry…and again it delayed. Gerammmmmm betul! Overall, we always prefer island since it’s far from metropolitan and we do enjoy nature and beach so much. For overseas travel, nanti-nanti la dulu. Since I planned to join Usana Celebration, but we have no idea where would it be nnt. So, just tunggu, kalau negara best boleh consider nk pergi. Yg I tahu ada satu tahun ni dekat Utah, US. Tapi tk confirm.

Find me a fridge please!

Oh, I bought few fridge magnets and for now would like to give one to my lucky reader. Yay! To be fair to all….I think the best is to trade the fridge magnet with your comments / questions. 5 best comments/questions will stand a chance to win the flip flop with wobbly dolphin fridge magnet [u can insert photo also]. You can comment more than once and make sure drop your comment before Tuesday ends ok.

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