Nilam Boutique in the making - Logo

Sorry , am pretty behind in updating my blog lately. I’ve been too busy setting up my business as well as focusing on my beloved Usana business. I stayed up late almost every night, which now leads to health issue. Lack of sleep has taken its toll on me and I’ve decided to put a stop at being a night owl if I wish to get rid of this headache. Yeah, I was down with headache for several days (am still now as i type) and feel little bit derange. I love my health more than everything else, without good health we are actually dying (agree?). I do take my supplement everyday and promise to myself that am gonna change my schedule from now on.

What am up to actually? Which requires me to stay up late almost every night? Well, am ideally working with my web developer at the moment to finish up design of the website. This is the most tedious part that I’ve encounter so far in setting up my business. It drains lots of my energy and searching for images after images to be use is rather stressful (especially when you can’t find the image that you want). It’s not fun at all. I will however leave it at this point, will blog more about the website later.

For now I would love to introduce our Nilam Boutique logo. The process even though not as complicated as developing the website, but still amount of pressure involve in creating a nice logo is as equal as creating a website. Logo is essential (applicable to all size of business be it small or big scale). Logo is branding. Why do you think, people make such a big fuss over brand and most of the time prefer to fork an hefty amount of money to buy branded item? Yes, it is all because THE BRAND. Branding often portray how exclusive the product being made and exclusivity never fail to drag people’s attention.

Would you jump over the words ” Exclusively made by / for …….” I don’t know you, but for me I surely jump and get excited to purchase. I feel like a million bucks and special. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not only referring to famous brand like Louis Vuitton or Ferrari or Tiffany or Vera Wang or any other expensive and higher end brand. Small scale business owner, who knows how to pull their brand in a correct manner, would be able to grab the same amount of attention from crowd. Trust me.

About Nilam logo, phewww such a long process I should say. And am more than happy when me and munirah finally able to call it FINAL! The designer is a guy from Sabah, his name is Ishak. I found his website and decided to give him a try. Am a type of person that loves surprises (notice the plural?). Of course when it comes to logo, I can’t simply tell the designer…”surprise me”, I must at least draw some guideline which includes my preferences. You can visit Ishak website, he did show all of the designs selection that he made for Nilam that’s didn’t get through. The final logo shown on his website is having black background. Black is such a beauty, but since Nilam main theme color is gold and teal blue, hence with Aini‘s help (since she’s in charge in developing the website), I asked her to changed the background to teal blue and give it some vintage looks by adding the frame (the logo remain intact).Voila!

So now are you slowly liking Nilam? Without a clue on how our product looks like? If the answer is yes, than I think Nilam is on the right track.

p/s: munirah, we are done with the logo, help me with the packaging ok! yeah, we do distribute works , I’m more on the technical and creative part, while she’s more on the resources.

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