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I can’t find any interesting topic to blog out, but since I felt so itchy to write something here, so I’m gonna make a random list about my thought(s), my finding(s), secret(s) and etc as for yesterday 29/3/2010

Ichiro woke up at 10.00′ ish in the morning, soaking wet. Apparently the dry pantz diaper isn’t tight enough to keep the pee from overflowing. The zap on diaper is better in this case.

The maid still talking about her sprain finger. I should tell my mom to send her to tukang urut to make her finger straight again. So, hopefully after that she could talk about some other topic. She’s ok. It just that sometimes she’s repeating herself too many times. I felt tired hearing the same thing over and over again. Sigh. But she’s ok, I like her better than the previous grumpy maid. Seriously.

I made a promise to somebody’s husband that I will keep whatever he told me today as a secret, until he feels comfortable to disclose it to his wife. Aha! Sound fishy? Sila cek dengan suami masing-masing sekaranggggg :D

My shopaholic keychain is running low. Red stilettos, perfume bottle (pink), dress (pink), bag (brown) and sale tag are taken!

I should keep in my mind that “Pos Ekpress” doesn’t need signature or acknowledgement. Mr Postman will just throw it in the mailbox unlike “Pos Laju”. I should stop confusing myself. Stop! They aren’t alike!

I forgot to ask for my customer for her shipping address. To where should I send her parcel then? My bad. Hope she will respond to my email today.

My mail plane software (trial version) has expired. Am thinking to buy it. It helps me a lot to access all my emails in a jiffy. I have 7 gmail accounts! Errr 1 + 6 to be exact. 1 is the rest are all under my domain Mail Plane is only for MAC.

This random things getting boring and boring…..

Husband is still contemplating to switch job. He needs to respond to the HR by tomorrow. If you ask me, hmm apparently the offer is pretty good, so why not? Just that, when thinking about nature of the new job that ain’t so easy compare to his current job giving me some-kind of goosebumps. I want him to love and comfortable with his job as much as I love his new salary figure. Hope everything will be ok for him. Yay!

Ok la dah. Bye!

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