Darwis Ichiro 5 months old

Bit tired today. My husband and I were caught in jam yesterday night. We arrived home around 1 am. It was much unexpected. The highway was jam packed with every kind of vehicles. Perhaps due to long holiday. We even planned to pack up some Usana orders for our customers once we arrive home, tapi disebabkan sampai lambat, kiterorg terus tidur jer. Seriously I was hell sleepy. So does my husband. Imran didn’t go to work today, but I had to since this week will be my last week, hence I need to work walaupon malasnyer tuhan jer la yg tahu.

My son is already 5 months old. He can menirap, terbalik, menonggeng and start trying to crawl. Poor him, semalam mata kene gigit nyamuk, habis bengkak and sepet. But that doesn’t stop him from being as cheerful as always. My pregnancy was rough,tough and fat, everybody knows that I think. Sometimes, bila I fikir balik, how sad my condition was, I even cried at the same time bersyukur sbb I manage to survive and give birth to my son. Now, with Darwis Ichiro, my life is as beautiful as blooming flowers. To see him laughing, smiling and sleeping is a total heaven. It’s not too much to say that my son completes me.

Not to forget, with the “rezeki” that Ichiro brought along with him, I’m really in debt with god.

Ichiro sekarang asik meleleh. Dah mcm saliva factory. Asyik kene tukar bip. I was at first tak tahu kenapa my fren dok tanya ” dulu mengidam makan apa tak dapat ni” everytime diaorg tengok gambar Ichiro. I can’t relate it at first. Tapi dh ramai sangat yg sebut, baru I perasan…oh kalau air liur meleleh meaning I mengidam then tk dpt eh? I can’t find the logic behind it la, sorry. Huhuh. For me, mmg baby mcm tu. Air liur meleleh sbb tk pandai telan lagi :D

Tapi kalau difikirkan balik, I bukan mengidam and then tk dpt benda yg diidamkan tetapi I muntah 9 bulan…remember? So, by right semua benda yg I makan mmg I tk dpt makan dengan puas. Semua terpaksa dimuntahkan.

Hmm, I’m thinking to start reading again. My hobby is reading. So lame kan? Haha mcm budak-budak sekolah, kalau tanya hobi apa….sokmo la jawab suka membaca. Nk mati ? kalau cakap dekat cikgu hobi adalah main game. But yeah, I do love reading. Tapi dah berapa tahun I stop reading sbb hardly have time to relax and enjoy the material. I rasa nk start baca buku selfhelp and the twilight saga. Friday hari tu tgk movie New Moon, I tk berapa faham so I guess I need to read the book la.

Oh btw, almost forgot. Today is Monday.

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