Introducing my newborn son.....

Well…..I really have no idea where and how should I start.

Everything seems to happen in within a flash of light. I still remember writing the “Delay” entry on Friday afternoon with a slight contraction.

Little did I know that I’m going to meet my new born son on the very next day.

It was not an easy birth I should say. Despite the panic mode and pretty anxiety labor experience, I found myself sometimes smiling while reminiscing the precious moment. Such experience can never be bought.

I was admitted at about 3.30 am on 27/6/2009 and gave birth at 4.40 pm on the same day.  Yup, it was the longest 13 hours in my life (so far). I wasn’t really in pain for the first 5 hours. But, after my gynae broke my water bag at 8.00 am, I started to feel the pain and at 10.00 am, I got the epidural shot.

The pain was unbearable for me. Eyes popping, crying, hair pulling (oh..I pulled my husband’s hair…hehe)….you name it. I even pinched the midwife also. (Nasib baik dia banyak daging)

After getting the epidural, my husband and I took the opportunity to sleep while waiting for the doctor to say it’s time for the labor. I need to wait until my cervix fully open and at about 4.00 pm 27/6/2009, the gynae Prof PC Tan, nurses, midwife, paediatrician and not to forget my husband as well were ready for the action.

It wasn’t because of the epidural that I can’t strongly push.

I have already pushed with my almight, however perhaps due to lack of energy because I’d vomited few times earlier and I didn’t really eat anything for the past 24hours, it was kinda bit hard for my baby to get out from my womb. The paed Prof CT Lim who witnessed the crowning moment, said that my effort in pushing was pretty good, only that the baby was quite big which caused a little bit difficulty in pushing him out. But, he was not really that big as 3kg is consider as normal size.

I left my gynae with no other choice other than to help me on his end with vacuum and forceps. Poor my little baby, but he is recovering from the bruises.

I saw my husband cried silently from the beginning of the episode until he saw the baby being placed on my tummy. Both of us were too stunned to utter anything other than “oh…baby…baby, our baby” Even at the moment am typing this, I still can’t believe that I’m capable to give birth to a human. My husband seemed comatose for few seconds until I woke him up and asked him to quickly take pictures or video. Sambil kesat-kesat air mata, he quickly took out his handphone and did the needful.

I think better I stop here first. I got to sleep as it is already 2.33 am in the morning. But before that, here the best part, introducing my husband’s new partner in crime…….


(“Darwis” means warak while “Ichiro” is a Japanese name means “first son”)

Hello all ;) My name is Darwis Ichiro

Hello all. My name is Darwis Ichiro

Darwis Ichiro - 2 days old

Darwis Ichiro - 2 days old

With mommy (sila abaikan muke saya yg pucat dan dipenuhi lemak itu)

With mommy (sila abaikan muke saya yg pucat dan dipenuhi lemak itu)

So, good night from me and Ichiro ;)

Oh, almost forgot. Today is my birthday 1/7/2009 and it’s going to be the best birthday since I got a baby as gift from god :)

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