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I really want to *breastfeed my baby and hope that I’m capable to. I harap breast yg tiba-tiba telah menjadi begitu besar dan berat ini, sampai mengah-mengah nk carry around tidaklah disia-siakan begitu sahaja.


As we all knows, breastfeeding is good for the baby and mother as well.  Nooo…breastfeed won’t make your breast sag – I read about this somewhere and secretly hope it is true. Huhu. Tolonggg laaaa.


But, if it’s going to sag my I care?? Ok I lie. I do care actually

: P. But, I’m not going to be a mom that willing to compromise on my baby needs over my own. So, to have a sagging breast (oh gosh, I really hope it won’t happen) is nothing to compare to the satisfaction of feeding your infant with your own breast milk and having such a healthy baby, well not only healthy but also strong to fight diseases and to boost up your child’s intelligence. Sooo much rewards and mothers who are against breastfeeding for no reason should think twice then.


Anyways, nowadays we have so many firming creams, push up bras, magic corset and all. So, not to worry too much ok.(Menaip dengan perlahan-lahan..sambil berkata hmmmmm..sbb dalam hati adalah risau juga)


I did tell before that I wanted to buy breast pump, but until now I haven’t gotten myself any. With advices from friends (you know who you are) and internet research (oh I really love Internet, everything is under your fingertips), I have decided to go for Medela Freestyle  breast pump. The price in Malaysia is at a whooping RM2200++. Serious, I think it is wayyyyy to expensive for me, and don’t think I can afford it. Perhaps I can, but I got so much other stuff to buy for the baby, thus I feel so bad. Lucky, my friend is trying to get it for me from UK, of course the price is way much cheaper, expecting it to be around RM1300 or RM1400.


I know there are many other choices available out there with affordable price. Ranging from RM200-RM600. But after reading books, comparing advantages and reading reviews. I think the one that I wanted to buy is the best.

Medela Freestyle

Medela Freestyle


Some of those advantages of Medela Freestyle

  1. The pump is small, lightweight, and completely portable, much different from almost everything else on the market.
  2. The FreeStyle comes with its own rechargeable battery, which is billed to go for three hours. For me, this is the biggest advantage over other pumps because it is easy to move around – you do not ever have to be connected to the wall
  3. The hands-free system that is included in the FreeStyle is part of the reason this pump is touted as “revolutionary. You can even update your blog while pumping.
  4. It could imitate baby suction



So, I guess I’m not only investing my money for a good pump but also for portability.  





Breastfeeding protects your baby from gastrointestinal trouble, respiratory problems, and ear infections
Breastfeeding can protect your baby from developing allergies.
Breastfeeding may boost your child’s intelligence
Breastfeeding may protect against obesity later in life
Breastfeeding may protect your baby from childhood leukemia
Breastfeeding may protect your baby from developing type 1 diabetes
Breastfeeding may protect preemies from infections and high blood pressure later in life
Breastfeeding may lower your baby’s risk of SIDS
Breastfeeding helps you lose weight
Breastfeeding can lower your stress levels and reduce postpartum bleeding
Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of some types of cancer
Breastfeeding may protect against osteoporosis later in life


Source: Baby Center

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