Post Natal Care Set - help needed...

Dear Mommies / Caring Husbands,


I’m looking for a post natal care set. I can’t really choose among many that available in the market now. There are too many and seriously I feel like buying all of ‘em.


I guess an advice or two from experience mommies or even husbands out there is highly appreciated. 

There are few brands such as Nona Roguy, Leesa Formula, Salindah, Sendayu Tinggi, Amway and many more. Actually, I’m thinking to go for Leesa Formula or Nona Roguy but not so sure whether that would be the perfect choice.


Hence, feel free to share your experience, tips, pro & cons on choosing the right confinement/post natal care set by dropping a line or two in my comment box.


Yours truly,

Mrs Imran

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