Leg Cramps / Simpul Biawak

In few week times, I’ll be 8 months pregnant. So far I think I don’t really have much problem coping with my pregnancy except those unavoidable ones such as back ache, gas, fluid retention that cause my fingers & legs to swell badly, difficulty to move from one position to other (bontot macam adalah sangat berat, nk gerak atas katil pon kene seret2 slowly), sore breast and the worst among all is leg cramps.


Or in bahasa Melayu we call it “simpul biawak”


It always happens during night time. Sometimes it can be extremely painful and last for few minutes. If it is a mild one, I will just try to deal with it alone, I’ll not fight as I find shall I tense my leg muscle by stretching it or pointing my toes downward, the pain will get worsen. Thus, I’ll try to relax and be patient until the pain goes away.


But sometimes, it’s too painful for me to deal with it alone. So, what I do I will scream and reach for my husband. Normally he will quickly wakes up and massage the cramp area; it’ll reduce the spasm gradually.


I still remember there was one night when I was being attacked by the leg cramps and it was a terrible one. My husband was still sleeping soundly at that time and he seemed un-alert by my screaming. As I got not choice, I pinched his chest and he gets up at once but still in unconscious mode. Bapak mamai dia masa tu..kesiannn.


So, he quickly massages my leg but little did he know that he got the wrong leg! I tried to tell him that it was “kaki kiri” yg sakit..not kanan. But, since he was in comatose mode, my effort seemed useless. He continues to massage the wrong leg. Sampai la I can’t bear with the pain anymore, I gather all my strength to shout as loud as I can….




Barulahhh abang imran kiter tu terbangun dari mimpi. Ha ha! Pastu kelam kabut carik kaki kiri I. Poor him kene jerit tengah2 malam, but it’s nothing to compare to the pain that I have to endure. Well, itu la cabarannya nk dapat baby ni. Sama-sama merasa la kan.


Last night, kene lagi simpul biawak ni. Sigh. So, this morning I google on how to prevent the leg cramps and there are actually few ways to ease the pain even though the cause of these leg cramps is not completely clear.   


Here go few tips to prevent / to ease the leg cramps;


  • Try to immediately straighten your leg and flex your foot heel first with your toes toward your shin. This may hurt at first, but it should gradually ease the spasm. Pointing your toes downward can bring on leg cramps or make them worse. 
  • Apply heat in the form of a heating pad, hot water bottle or a warm towel to the affected area.  
  • Eat banana a lot 
  • Massage the muscle that is cramping until the muscle loosens and begins to relax. You can do this yourself or have a partner help you.  
  • If you are able, walk around for a few minutes to further loosen the affected muscle.  
  • Avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time. 
  • Drink plenty of water during the day. Staying well-hydrated help muscles contract and relax properly. 
  • Rest with your legs elevated before bedtime or when your leg cramps more commonly occur. 
  • Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles and help prevent leg cramps. 
  • Stretch your calves before turning in for the night. 
  • Avoid lying on your back which can reduce circulation to your legs. Instead try lying on your left side to improve circulation  
  • Calcium and magnesium supplements have each been shown to help prevent leg cramps associated with pregnancy. However, check with your doctor before taking extra supplements

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Hmm actually today I nk buat entry pasal baby stuff or baby wish list. Tapi terbabas citer pasal simpul biawak la pulak.


Takperla esok masih ada :D


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