Living Room Dates

I have been married for 3 years to my favourite guy. Throughout the years, never once we feel bored about our marriage, instead we keep looking forward for the next day to come as we can’t wait to shower each other with lotsss of love every today and tomorrow.

Sometimes I always wonder why people keep on saying that after get married for few years, things will change. For me yeah..true things do change, but in a better sense. From my experience some people give me and husband a detested look when we kiss and hugging publicly. I was like what’s wrong? We don’t do any intimate gesture(mind you), it is only a normal,innocent kind of kissing and hugging. Shall you feel that kind of love showing is inappropriate and embrassing, I feel sorry for you. Seriously.

Some also say that we still in honeymoon mode because we don’t have any child (just yet!). Ok, I can’t wait to for that moment to come so that I could prove to them, they are I indeed wrong. They should not get the idea wrong, babies/child is going to streghten the bonding in between yourself and husband. I know that things might be little bit stressful and chaos when your babies get cranky. But, a good understanding in between a wife and a husband shall enable the couple to sail smoothly in the fierce ocean.

I can’t say much about this, but once I got the oppurtunity to experience this, I will for sure pen it down here.

Actually, there are many ways to improve your love life. Some simple things sometimes means a lot to our spouse or partner. Like me, everytime when I pick up my husband from work, I will look out of my car’s window and waiting for his appearance. Once I saw him, I know he will be looking for me (and my car) as well, so once he spotted me we will instantly exchange flying kiss, waving hand and wear such a grateful smile on our face as if we have not been seeing each other for such a long period. The distance from where I normally park my car to the factory’s gate is about few metres away, I think in within 20 meters away. That’s pretty far but distance isn’t matter to us. That’s how we survived our 5 years long distance relationship I guess.

Kalau antara benua boleh bercinta, takkan setakat 20 meter tk boleh nk tunjuk cinta?

I do some research and there are actually many methods to enhance your relationship with your husband and preserve it. Perhaps you can try my method that I mention above like kissing, hugging, flying kiss and wear such a lovely smile on your face. It’s simple and easy but it does wonders or you can try the following living room dates that don’t even require leaving home;

1. Have a Picnic on the Floor. This is one place where the weather won’t change. The conditions in your home are perfect for a picnic anytime. Spread out the traditional gingham blanket and let the fun begin. Turn off the television and turn on the environmental music sounds to achieve the full effect of the outdoor atmosphere.

2. What about a Movie Night? We all like to turn down the lights and enjoy a good flick. This type of date is perfect for parents of small children. Once the little ones are tucked in bed and off in la-la land, set the scene. Pop a large bag or two of popcorn and your favorite drinks and snuggle up on the couch or a blanket on the floor. Take turns watching each other’s favorite type of movies.

3. Game Night. What are your favorite games? Mix it up a bit between board games, video games, and kid’s games. Yes, I said kid’s games. You and your husband can play hopscotch, Twister, or I Spy. The night is about laughs and getting to know each other again, so have fun with it.

4. A Night of Karaoke Fun. You may not sound like a professional songstress, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a good night of laughs singing your heart out. Sing romantic songs together that you enjoyed when you were dating. Go one step further and dress the part before the performance. Take turns singing love songs to each other.

5. Spend a Winter in the Mountains. If it’s cold outside, find warmth around a cozy fire. Light some candles for a romantic mood. Make a cozy pallet on the floor and serve hot cocoa with marshmallows. Enjoy some cheese, and fresh fruit together to help you keep warm.

6. What about a Spa Night? Dress up in terry cloth robes and fuzzy slippers. Give each other manicures and pedicures. Men aren’t too practiced in this area so your handiwork may look better than his, but it is the thought that counts. Finish up with massages.

7. Night at the Strip Club. For a bit more seductive living room date, take it all off – literally. Leading up to the date, pick out your outfits and practice your “routine.” Don’t take it too seriously though. Have some fun with it and each other.

You don’t have to leave your home to have an interesting date. Turn your living room into any locale you can imagine to make it fun and out of the ordinary. I have yet to try all of the above method as I don’t own a house yet. We live with our parents and it’s awkward to do all that with the present of parent and sibling. Oh, we do by the way bath together :)

So, mind sharing with others your romance tips?

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