Buka Puasa

Today I woke up for sahur with a sore throat. It is so painful until I feel like something burning inside. For the past two days, I’ve just ignored it since it wasn’t that bad. I need to see the doctor and get some medicine I guess. Sigh. I drank two mug of hot water this morning and I feel bit better eventho the sore throat is still there. I’m still fasting and working anyway. To skip fasting is the last thing I would do.

Yesterday I went to Teppanyaki at One Utama to break fast with Tj, Niza, Lina & Ary. It was my first time eating teppanyaki and I don’t think I like it. It is too “kering” for me. I was looking for in house soup but to no avail. Kiter org melayu dh biasa makan kuah-kuah, bila takder kuah rasa mcm itik berenang atas pasir.

I can’t wait to see picture taken by Lina’s lomo camera. Really can’t wait. Lina cuci cepat ok da gambar. I hope my pictures are not going to turn out to be too ghastly since I was actually super tired and my sore throat which worsening doesn’t really do much help.

Here are some pictures taken yesterday, I couldn’t agree more with Lina that the lomo camera is an adult thing. Do not trust the picture tho, as it can also be deceiving sometimes especially picture of Tj with the lomo camera. She doesn’t know how to use the camera and even worst she has accidentally over rolled the film! Lina must me mad I guess, but she’s a good…she’s just smile melayan kegilaan tj. Hohohoho.

Happy Weekend!


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