Miss me?

Blog saper ni wey? Lamanyer tk update.


Hehe. Hai all. Miss me? Miss me a lot? Yeah, I know…I know. Fret no more, am back! Well, at least am available today to update this blog.


Ok, I think I still owe you guys pictures of my jewelries right? Ok, hope I would manage to allocate sometime this weekend to upload the pictures.


So, how are things going on? I bet not so good since the petrol price increase today. Hmm..I think that’s the toll that we need to pay for being so ignorant and selfish for all these while. Perhaps we should start using car that runs by solar. I would love to buy! I think it's cute too.  


Shopping? Hmm, surprisingly I haven’t shop yet for this month. Actually I wanted to buy Shiseido Elixir cleanser as I learnt from MUA this is one of the best cleanser. Knowing me that fancy changes so I would like to give it a try eventho at the moment am happy with my Herbalife Radiant C cleanser. But unfortunately, that cleanser is not available for Malaysia market which really disappoints me. So merajuk punya pasal, tk dpt beli cleanser terus tk shopping utk bulan ni. Hehe. Yerlaaaaaaa tu. Neway, am thinking to buy a wardrobe, bilik haku sekarang mcm nk pecah sbb molekul-molekul pakaian melebihi molekul-molekul udara. Haku sesak napas. My husband nk cari seluar dalam pon tergali-gali. Hahaha.


Work? Hmmm…am at final stage of my Pakistan project. My Medan project is waiting for commissioning around November and yesterday I have been awarded a new project which located in Jakarta. So, it means I’ll be busy like hell again. Yuckssssss. I hateeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kenapalaaa aku terpaksa mengharungi seksaan yang sebegini rupa.
Yeah I know why. It is all for MONEY.


Ok la tiba-tiba terjadi emo. Sambung kerja balik.




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