Found it!

This is nothing to do with which party I am going to vote for this coming election. But, this is about I’ve fallen in love with the new election ads that featuring voices of our entire pass prime minister (agaknya la) including current – Pak Lah. Well, obviously the ads belonged to BN party. Please bear in mind am not talking about politic here, I am talking about creativity and art. Yes I know I am not an art person that knows every corner and trick of it. But hey, wait until you get to know on how I interpret art. Ehe. Actually, that’s what makes me so special in the eye of my husband. Because I can “SEE” things that he can’t see. Sgt impressive bukan? Ehe. Itu baru satu kehebatan Mrs Imran, belum termasuk boleh menggosok gigi dengan pencuci muka dan mencicirkan barang-barang shopping yg di beli di tempat ianya

di beli. Mmg sgt tersohor la kehebatan gua ni kan.

Neway, tahun ni tak tahu la mcm mana. Satu buang undi dekat PJ, satu dekat Nogori. Bagussss. Last-last gi buang duit kt Midvaley jer nnt. Haha.

Oh, I bought something. Actually not something la, berthing-thing sudah. Tapi dis thing is something that I’ve been looking for so long. I didn’t look for it, but I was hunting for something rare within its family. It is a name card holder. I wanted to buy the leather one but it seems too common to me. I want something unique. So, I think this metal name card holder with a real pressed flower on top of it is perfecto! Perhaps it isn’t new to those who have seen this name card holder before, but heck it is new to me. Hehe. I lurveeee it. And plus…of course it’s pink!

Now, I have a nice name card holder to keep my beautiful name card. Can’t wait to flash both of it! Ehe. The pretty card & card holder. Hehe. Keji.

Helllewwww galssss, this is my cardddddddddd…

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