Me & My "Mission"

Suddenly I feel like going shopping today. cannot. Maybe I will go tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Hmmm on second thought tomorrow would be better than day after tomorrow.


What I want to buy?


  1. Make Up
  2. Beaded clutch (evening bag)
  3. Scarfssss
  4. Top / baju bajan
  5. More make up
  6. Bungalow
  7. Sport car
  8. Sony lappy
  9. Flight ticket to somewhere

 Not to forget


  1. Swimming goggle for  my husband
  2. Futsal short

My wish list is pretty long (I reckon it is not long enough). I know that. And it does contain item that we actually don’t use “shopping” as a term when buying them, such as bungalow, flight ticket and sport car. Yeahh, I know.


Neway, just put that matter aside. It doesn’t make any harm to me, let alone to any of you who just reading this, because that wasn’t really the worst case.


The most serious one is where the hell I could dig such a big amount of money to buy all those? Where? Where? Please don’t tell me to dig it at my husband’s bank account. Not because I pity him, but because I’ve been there and done that. Licinnn sudah. Ehe.


I am kinda person that when I have toooo many things to buy and have very limited moolah to spend and splurge I would be ended buying nothing.


So fret not, tomorrow will be just another ordinary visit to the mall and am pretty sure I will leave the mall empty handed.


Hmm..I am not rich, but hey soon to be rich ok. Hohoh. I have to hold on that to motivate myself to work harder and stay focus……..


which meanssssss I need to stop crapping & day dreaming and start working now. :P


Kenapa la susah sangat nk start buat kerja ni. Arghhhhhhh.


p/s: tapi esok konferm gi mall. Hehe.



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