When craving is so wrong

Pregnant woman sometimes can be too absurd. Craving for foods and stuffs during pregnancy are normal for me. Tapi yg jenis ketagih nk bau ketiak suami la, suka hisap getah la, suka bau kentut orang la masa pregnant is totally can’t be accepted. Yeah I know, I belum pregnant so I tatau apa simptoms2 nyer. But, oh god…please make things easier for me.

Amin. (<---hehe my old crush)

Where I got such ideas? Like pregnant woman craving for “bau ketiak” and “bau kentut”?

I was listening to Hot FM yesterday, while driving heading to the office. So, yesterday morning’s topic was about this pregnancy thingy. It supposes to be a fun topic and it could be a good reference for a gal not yet a woman (;P) like me who’s planning to get pregnant soon. Huhuh (mcm yer yer jer). But it turned out to be extremely gross and absurd. Yuckssss.

I told my hubby and about to start discussing with him regarding this matter. But, not long after I started the topic suddenly he said something that made my mouth shut. Completely.

Mrs Imran : Baby, I think sometimes pregnant woman can be too much because craving for non-sense things such as bau ketiak suami la, suke bau kentut org la…

Mr Imran: Hehe. Mana u tahu semua ni dear?

Mrs Imran: I dengar Hot FM la pagi tadi.

Mr Imran: Oh…hehe tapikan ada “orang tu” tak pregnant pon mengidam bau ketiak suami dia. Hahahahahaha.

Mrs Imran: Eh hello abang, I bukan “suke” bau ketiak u ok. I just…errrr checking your body ordour ok, nnt karang u busuk, u tatau. So better I warn you first before somebody else does.

Mr Imran : Still laughing.

Mrs Imran: Oh greattttttt. Doesn’t mean every night I tido bawah ketiak you, adalah sebab I love ur bau ketiak. Tidak sama sekali!

Tk kelaka ok. Urghh.

But, honestly I really hope that my pregnancy phase would not give me so much trouble. Hopefully.

On different but yet similar note, my parents in law have already registered to become a foster parent for a home stay student from Japan and South Africa. Our hmm..foster sibling will arrive on this coming Tuesday. However, there will be a dinner for all of the foster parent this coming Monday, but unfortunately mama and ayah has to attend “kenduri” so they can’t make it for the dinner. So, nak tak nak, I dgn Imran la kene wakilkan our parent to the dinner. Now, me and Imran act as a foster parents? That’s not sound quite right.

Anak angkat tu pon ala2 nk sebaya ngan kiterorg. Huhu. Neway, belasah jer la. Janji makan free.

So..hey anak angkat, u better be a good looking guy ok. Kalau tidak, I akan jadik kakak tiri yg sangat kejam. I mean it. Kalau hensem I’ll give some mercy la. For sure. Ehe.


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