Penyakit Keturunan

I am so piss off with myself today. I forgot to bring my touch & go card and I can’t recall where I put it. During Hari Raya, I threw my touch & go card into the dustbin and I lost my credit card too!!!! Disaster hokayyyyyyy.

I am not going to forgive myself. Penyakit keturunan ker hapa?

And now, every time I ask my husband where my thing is, he will always ask me to check the dustbin first. It’s true you know, I did throw things into dustbin. I bought a strand of semi-precious stone but recently I can’t find that strand anymore. It cost me RM50 for that strand of semi-precious stone. Arghhhhh. I bajet2 i dh terbuang.

Saper tk panas hati, kalau gila mengelupur cam I ni?

As always, this morning I blamed my husband again. Selamat hari raya dear, maaf zahir batin. Ehe.

Sebaik ada lagu raya Feminin kt Hot FM tadi. Dapatla nyanyi dengan sedap sekali. Sedap tau I nyanyi. Ehe.

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Neway, finally I manage to make this Chocolatey set. Phewww these pieces of jewelry took me about 5hrs for the bracelet and about 8-9 hours for the pendant. My fingers are so sore and my skin is kinda peel off now. I am not very satisfy with the pendant, but quite proud of my first wire bracelet. All the previous bracelets were made by my sister. The pendant is quite ok, it just that I used a different type of wire and size, so it turned out to be so difficult to wrap. I could do way much better with the exact wire. I am planning to dismantle the pendant and re-do again, if I am not that lazy. Hohoh. And providing I got the wire.

FOR SALE! Please contact me via

Overall, I use 18gauge, 22 gauge, 26gauge copper and stainless steel wire and various kind of stone & beads. Well, I am not intent to use stainless steel again after this, as it is so hard for me and every time I try to wrap, it will fights back! I will only use stainless steel for certain design. The bracelet is originally my own design, with a combination of few famous wire jewelry technique and the bezel pendant design is by Eni Oken, but I changed the design anyway due to the type of wire that I use and size of the pendant that I desired. If I follow exactly the same as the original design, the pendant will become too large in size. As you can see, I use different size of beads to perform some variations on the pendant. I think I can use same size of beads next time to get more structure look. But for this pendant, I intentionally change the outer frame of the pendant abruptly to make it a bit different in shape. Check for more pictures of these bracelet and pendant here Mr & Mrs Imran Crystal Nest Oh btw, am selling this set. Please email me for price ok :).

I have few glass beads in queue and I would like to make a pair of earrings too. We’ll see when dat will happen…hohoho.

Oh we are still in Raya mood right? Again to all my readers Selamat Hari Raya. I tk buat rumah terbuka, sbb I belum ada rumah lagi. Tkkan nk buka rumah org plak kan? Ehe.

“Selamat Hari Raya to all from Mr & Mrs Imran”

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