Herbalife Testimonial - Azmah

Hi babes! Morningggg. My mood is pretty good today. Perhaps, it’s because tonight am gonna watch the Transformers with my husband. Yayy!! I heard the movie is awesome. Can’t wait to watch it! Transformers used to be one of my favourite cartoons, oh and besides Transformers I also worship Voltron. Whoaaa…the lion ride is so damn cool la. And when it transform from a lion ride to a giant good looking robot..with a sword…whoaaaa sebaik la robot..kalau manusia agak2 I dh lama I jatuh chenta kot. Macam I jatuh chenta dgn Kesatria Baja Hitam eh ker Gaban? Hehe.

Oh btw, here I have two picture of Azmah. She is one of my herbalife customers. Could u guys spot the differences? Her arm, her cheek, waist and errr everything la looks smaller compare to the pic on the right, aite?

The before herbalife picture was taken during her engagement day. And the after herbalife picture was taken during her wedding day. Quite often she told me that she has already shed few kilos and her diet program works pretty well for her. But, I couldn’t imagine how she looks like and how fantastic the result is. After looking at her pic for the first time, I was pretty impressed with her willpower to lose weight. Because for me, no matter how expensive the product, how big the fuss and how many people has rave on about the product, as long as you don’t have the determination and discipline and refuse to change your eating habit, makan la segala haram pil atau ubat utk berak-berak….frankly speaking, I dun think it will works.

So, since new are in a new month already. My July promotion for every purchase of Start Now Pack would be this Nina Ricci eyeshadow J. Hope u guys like it. There are few colours available, but few only ok. Not so many.

Till my next entry, I still owe u guys Shrek & Fantastic 4 review eh? Shrek tk best, Fantastic 4 best. Ok tak review tu? Huhu.


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