Are you a good friend?

Today I wanna write about frens. How many of you got no frens? (Toys, cars, ps3 don’t count ok). Living one I mean and shud comes with brain too. I believe the answer is none. Everybody has friends. Even animals also have friends. But the question now, what type of friend that you has? Are they worth your kindness? Your sympathy? Your company? Or are they kind of pals that we should lose …fast?

I stumble upon this article in Female magazine March issue. It is a great way to give you some hints on what type of friend that you should not have and walk away from them in an instant. Read on….5 friends that you should DUMP!!

The drainer is kind of friend that loves to jump to you when she/he encounter with some problems. They will seek for you advice and a shoulder to cry on. But later you will find out that she/he didn’t really want to solve her/his problems. They only want to talk about it. The drainers feel it they lose their problems, they lose their identities.

The best way to handle them, is by telling them that you will agree to talk more on that particular topic or help to solve her/his problems by one condition. They have to try to resolve the obstacle or problems first or if it had worsened, only then she/he allowed repeating the topic again.

Does it ring any bells? Hoho

I used to have this kind of frens la. But now no more. Ada tu ada la ekceli tapi tk kronik la…tapi kalau yg mengade sangat tu…susah2 lempang jer la…Hahaha.

The critic is a psycho. Often they think they are the best and other peoples are trying so hard to copy her/him. Dengan kata lain sangat la perasan lawa or sgt la perasan best. The critic even thinks that their friends are poor imitation of them. Bodoh tk bodoh org macam ni?

Neway ada jer ramai kt luar sana tu. If you still value the friendship with the critic, then you softly voice out your opinion and tell them how her/his behaviors makes you feel. But for me…I prefer to just retreat. She/he should know how to behave. If they eventually changed their attitude, then I have no objection to joint the bond again. But rule of thumb, she/he must change first.

Otherwise…hi hi bye bye.

From the name, I think you can easily tell what this type of human is all about. The competitor is the critic twin sibling actually. Ehe. She/he always bragging about her achievements and we are always happy for them. However, we weren’t allowed to talk about our achievements as she/he always wanted to be one step better (or maybe we allowed talking about our achievements but she/he will cut it short and obstruct in the middle and continue bragging). What’s the point of having a good friend if you can’t share your good times with her/him? It’s not our responsibility to make life simpler for her/him.

Only the competitor can change her/his own behavior by developing a better self-image. If you want to stay friends with the competitor, you must be willing to listen more than talk about yourself.


It suppose to be a good type of friends la kan. But, kalau u berkorban but then mengungkit or even worse broadcasting her/his good deeds and spicing up the story as well, so she/he could be the hero. It’s so mean. I could not tolerate with this kind of human being. Do not think about confronting the martyr. The last thing you want is for her/his to tell everyone how you repaid her/his kindness by shutting her/his out.

They should check the dictionary the meaning of ikhlas.

Boyfriend snatcher, back stabber and etc fall under this categorize. There’s no need for me to explain more about the betrayer as we all knows, how the betrayer looks like.

If you have this kind of friends, you must decide if the risk is worth it? If you decide to walk away, do it in a low key manner to avoid becoming the betrayer’s next victim.

Ouh that’s scary!

So now do you fall in any of the above category? Hope not :). I know all my readers are very good person. Kerana…Cuma orang2 yang baik sahaja..yang membace blog orang yang baik juga..Hohoh. I rasa kelaka la dgn lawak I sendiri.

Tah tah..muah muah


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