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May 5, 2007 Posted by Mrs Imran in Job

Remember my Technorati Experiment? Here I show u guys the result. I managed to climb up the rank and reduce the figure from 185k to 80, 699!! This is soo greattttt!! Never thot it would work this fast. To all my Technorati friends who have participate in this Technorati party. U guys rawk big time!! I will put that particular entry on my sidebar with the Technorati banner as well, so it won’t be left deep down in my other posts. Thanks a lot again :). I am looking forward to break it into 4 figures rank. Isit possible? Yeah sure can oneeeee.

My first day at work? Hohohohoh. I was happy like hellllllll. I’ve been looking for my dream job for almost 4 years already. I was 90% positive that there’s no such job exists, especially in Malaysia. But, I was wrong…and I was quite happy to realize the fact that I was wrong. Let me tell u guys a bit about my new work place from my observation during my first and second day at work.

All my colleague and boss treat me like a human not alien. They don’t look at me like they wanna swallow me or something or give me somekind a manhattan-once-over-look (those who have read shopaholic wud know this must-know term hehe). Oh and not to forget I can go to the ladies freely without worrying being watch from behind like I have red stains on my white pants. Ewww.

My boss? From heaven. He’s the one who seems pretty busy even to be compared with the clerk, accountant, draughtsman, engineer etc etc. I mean this pretty the opposite to my previous “ugly” bosses. Minus David Lee of course. He’s totally cool. And my boss didn’t seem has an interest to harass people and impose them with tones of workload. But, still early to tell. But so far he never asks me to photocopy anything. Hehe. He did it himself. Bagus kan.

The entire Vegetable Oil Technology department went out for lunch together everyday. Another new experience to me. There are only 2 Malays (including me) in VOT department, but yet they willing to bear the hassle to find Halal restaurant and bear with the food as well just for the sake of the two of us. Oh I rasa bersalah ok.

My workstation. Ohhhhh nice place to sleep. Hahaha. sitting in front of my boss room. Padan muke haku.

We can chat, internet, emails and do whatever we wanna do with the internet as long as we finish and complete our work. I love dat. We also being encouraged by the management to talk and take our time to walk around and say hi to frens while we doing our work. Oh I do love that as well. Hohoho..Borak borak mmg best ok.

Free fruit on Monday and Wednesday. Mcm kt hostel plak. :)

HR manager gonna buy me lunch next week. Hehehehe. Saya sangat disayangi sbb saye adalah yg terpaling muda sekali. Yeayyy.

My first refinery plant project will be in Indonesia. Sooo tak aciiii , Charles (new guy too, he is a commissioning engineer, he joined the company on the same day I join in) dpt gi Ukraine okkkkk. Tapi dia kene perform commissioning activities kat about 14 refining plants in Ukraine. Hohohoh. Tak sanggup haku.

They gonna send me to project management training soon. Most likely the training will be host in Denmark. But they aren’t so sure about that yet. But please laaaaa…I wanna go to Denmark. Promise I will behave and belajar dgn rajin. Heeeee

Friday is jeans day (is there such day?). More reason to buy more diva Levis jeans. Hehehe.

We call each other by using our first name. Even the managing director! I got big trouble spotting the bosses at the beginning. Ehe. They look and sound errrr similar.

There are a lot more. But I think better off now. Sbb I nk terkencing. I kenot hold anymore. Lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


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