Mari-mari beli

I wasn’t in the mood for anything yesterday. But, something came up and it has totally changed my day from a dark-gloomy day to flowery-rainbow day. Here I show you why….

The packages

Yup, the stuffs dat I ordered from Stoberi has finally arrived. Yeay!!! The goods have been courier out on 22nd and I got it on 27th. That’s freaky fast ok. (I mean for a free shipping service, we dun expect it to be that fast aite?) Cheap stuff, genuine & fast service, I personally think dat Stoberi is really a one stop makeupholics heaven. Don cha think?

Nice silver wrapping!

From left: Origin foundation for azalia, Stila twinset for me and Stila cheek blush for Iz

Stila Twinset Demi Creme for Me (RM36)

Stila Cheek Blush for Iz (RM48)

Origins Stay Tuned Balancing Face Make Up for Azalia (RM57)

All the products are soooo ori and the best thing is it being packed in such a secure box (with a purple ribbon okkkk). Excuse me for being so gayat, but…like I care. Heeee. So kalau nk order bedak2 ker..not to worry la, iallah dia tkkan pecah sbb kotak tu mmg penuh dgn benda2 putih yg foam tu. And they place the stuff in the I rasa selamat la.

So gals, why wait? Order now!! To place ur order, buzz me at ym: “ladyimranor email me at

p/s: my conversion rate is USD1 = RM3.60 (but it’s not fix ok, akan berubah-ubah)


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