Cukup kah wang saya???

A quick update cos today is going to be a super busy day. Here I am updating my blog at 7.30 in the morning. I need to go to herbalife HQ after this to get some new stocks and later I need to rush to attend the herbalife training this afternoon and herbalife rock and roll party tonight.

Ok where shud I start now. About what’d happened to me recently…let bygone be bygone. At least that incident taught me something. Do not underestimate your safety. Always aware with your surrounding and learn to use the third eyes. Zikir banyak2 mintak perlindungan tuhan. And jgn la jalan sorang-sorang. Very dangerous.

On different story. I bought something from Naya. Neway,I was supposed to meet her yesterday, but disebabkan ada misscomunication kiterorg berdua telah terswitch tempat pertemuan. Am not going to write everything in details such as mcm haram mana kiterog boleh tersilap, tapi I wanna show you what I’ve bought from Naya. Oh neway, thanks to Muaz, u r such a hero la yesterday (only Muaz, Naya n maybe Iz…yg tahu kisah nusantara ini)

Plan view..ehe
Details of bons

So this is the jeans. Naya can’t fit it. So does Iz. I thought am not going to fit it as well. Not putting so much hopes but at the same time have huge intention to wear the jeans to ROCK N ROLL party hari ni. Boleh? Mengharap la kan itu namanye jugak. Heeeeee. So my skim menabung dgn ary tu start January ni. Meaning I’ve spend Rm100 for the jeans this month (naya kasik bayar installment..hihi). And I still have another RM150 in wallet to spend. Cukup kah nk beli NouriFusion ni?..waaaaaaaa.

Btw, talking about NouriFusion. I took some photos during the product launching event. Nk launch product baru pon mcm tu punye ramai daaaaaa. Lif semua penuh org..parking kereta kt Sunway jgn la cerita, lagi la teruk. Hari ni harus kah aku pergi Sunway naik beskal? Dina n Iz tolong cop kan parking utk i…heeeeee. Oh here the piccies.




Mr Imran( gaya eksyen) n Muaz (err gaya Kasim Baba..hehe)



Sooo…am dying for these two and can’t wait to grab it tonight. Kalau tk cukup duit I kene beli next month. Huhuhu. So gals, should u ols interested and wanna give it a try, just lemme know eh.

Multivitamin Lotion Cleanser

Multivitamin Night Cream

So I will more piccies for the Rock N Roll party tomorrow. So stay tune on channel bons. Muahs muah. Happy weekend.

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