Chocolate Bunga Pahar For Sale

It’s Friday!! Phewwww finally.. whadda bloody long week. I need some refreshment and a gate away from my super hectic life. Now, gals please excuse me…I want to do some reality check.

a) Should I give Iz money before she goes to Paris? So then she could buy me the bags and million of other things that I asked her to buy for me? (most prolly I will..but the amount haven’t decide yet. Iz kata ada kt Paris ada pasar lambak jual designer bag 50%..Heheh ok ok I exaggerate!)

b) I haven’t pack yet. As I dunno what to bring and what not to….I think I’ll arrange courier service to send my wardrobe to Singapore. So no need to fold here..fold there..shrink here..squeeze there and roll everything like a sausage. I can do that eh? I mean the courier thingy. Can’t I? But anyway am going there for a day only….but STILL I need like..everything in my wardrobe. Am considering the worst case scenario ok….u know things such…..(well, I dun think mr imran will agree with the courier idea. But he should ok….otherwise..he has to do the packing himself….of cos he has to pack my stuff as well..then he hard it is to decide what colour of bra that I want to wear on Saturday..well let him try, then he’ll eventually realize that I dress up berpandukan ramalan cuaca..ah’ha that cud be now whos gonna pack? Me or him? arghhhh)

c) I want new tops (ok..will get it soon)

d) I want new bag (ok..will get it soon)

e) I want new jeans (ok..cant wait for that)

f) I want new heels (oh..droolll)

g) I wanna shop till drop! (like hell!!!)

h) Shud I stop doing this reality check thingy before am starting to convert it to become a shopping check? (yes, I think I shud)

Oh btw gals, here I put some piccies of my bunga pahar and chocolates. The purple bunga pahar is ready for a trade. The gold one still in da making and progressing speedily (sbb mak I buat laju hee), so shud be ready by next week. To those who interested to get this 2 bunga pahar u can email or leave ur email address here, I will reach u in a jiffy. The price is RM9 per kuntum and there are 50 kuntum for each pahar. Price stated is including the “egg” shape chocolate as well. So tkyah letak telur lagi. First come first serve ok.

Ok guys..I think I have to pack “light”. But I have like 3 shuz that I haven’t wear yet even maybe I wanna wear all of them in a day…hmm I think I cud handle that…and there’s still lot of spaces…oh ok no..only 1 quarter left…my vanity case that full with bunch of make ups..dat will take about half of the 1 quarter..hmmmm…on second thought..why pack light? When I can bring like everything! Ehe.

Okeyss c ya next week! Enjoy weekend k. Last but not least….


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