Today & Yesterday

Hmm, today I will go to KL with my husband. A tiring journey, but always I fall asleep before we even pass the alor gajah toll. The toll is about 20 minutes time from my office. Am working now. My husband? Oo he will fetch me later, now he is in town, I made him run errands all morning. Plus I asked him to buy nasi lemak for me as well. Lama dah tk makan nasik lemak. I still teringat nasi lemak UPM. Dashattttt. Lauk dia ada ayam, ada daging, ada paru ada hati, pedassssss.Yummy!

Hmm, yesterday I got another downline. My husband`s fren. I can`t find egold for him. Egold some kind of sold out. Do u know what is egold? Egold is money. Easy. I just received USD80++ in my egold account yesterday for my auto surfing payment. Yahooooo. Its not big money tough, yet its still money. Plus, I earned that amount in only 12days. Amazing right. USD80++ is about RM300++. I sold it to one of my down line. So I have money for shopping today. Yehaaa..megamall here I come!! Tat tara taraaaaaa.

Hmm, I bought a new handphone today, because the handphone that I currently use is not mine. I borrowed it (remember I lost my hp during my wedding day?). So, I got myself a cheap hand phone not so gempak one. Cukuplah utk receive and make calls. Wasadtiah. (Heceee, wasadtiah. U all tahu apa itu wasadtiah?). Shhh. Ekceli tk cukup duit nk beli 3G phone. Heeeee(goofy grin)

U guys miss my hubby post? Ala kalau dia post pon, balik2 bolaaaaaaaa. Hahaha.

Hey can u guys detect 1 thing in common, in this entry?


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