Childhood Superhero

While doing internet banking just now, something suddenly pop up in my mind. Do u eva being asked, “What is your childhood hero?” whenever u attempt to create an online password? Well, whad makes my small brain thinking was, whad was my childhood hero??

I still remember, when I was a kid, I had adored so many superhero. Superman quite famous during the 80’s, followed by Incredible Hulk, Ninja Turtle, Spiderman, Batman, Bionic Woman..etc.. For me I fancied supergirl more than da other superhero icon. Supergirl was not so legendary, plus I only saw Supergirl movie once in my whole life.

Supergirl did not come in any cartoon series. Da one and only supergirl movie I had watched , was when im in standard 3. I can’t sleep after watching dat movie. I just so craved to be like her and thought dat she was so kewl. I don know whether u guys know or not about this supergirl. But I tell u guys, she can fly, she can flirt and she can kill too!

Da story of the movie was quite comparable with superman, it just dat this supergirl wasn’t a man. Her parents saved her from their enemies which had attacked their planet by sent her away to da earth. Sound familiar right? At da time she landed on earth, she was still a baby, but has grown up to be a very dazzling teenage girl in a couples of days only. Woo..she was so damn cute and im so damn fat with a messy curly unshaped hair! How could it be! It’s so unfair……………..

Well every human being aspire to have their own super power. And im not excluded. Should I can choose what super power I desire to have, I would rather want to be invisible! So now please excuse me ladies n gentlemen, I got someone life and earth to be saves.


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